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Adam T. Davis has been a computer programmer for over 31 years. Originally, self-taught in high school he learned BASIC, DOS, Assembly, Cobol, Fortran, and Pascal. As a youth he competed in many Science and Engineering Fairs, and had won many awards. In 1987 he built one of the first voice synthesizers for the home computer and after his project won best of the fair in the Muskogee Regional Science and Engineering Fair, he attended the 34th Annual International Science and Engineering fair in San Juan Puerto Rico. After High school he attended Oklahoma State University where he studied Electronics, but unfortunately was unable to complete his degree due to financial reasons.

He apprenticed and then worked 12 years for Dan Randall Electronics in Muskogee Oklahoma, where sadly the owner eventually retired and closed his business. In the following years Adam has kept up with Visual BASIC, Assembly, C#, WPF, HTML, C++, Java and PHP. He's been focused on Access style database software for his own applications which utilize SQL, OLEDB and ADO as primary interface types. He takes great pride in his work and has a deep desire to further his skills in programming. Currently he is owner of a computer repair business while attending Westwood College School for Gaming. It was there that he met his business partner Damion McCoy who invited him to join his programming team at Delinquent Game Studios. With the resignation of the companies former CEO and the demonstration of his programming skills he was offered the position of COO of the newly reformed company where he accepted.

Adam looks forward to producing many exciting titles in the upcoming future at Delinquent Games. As an avid gamer himself, he feels the quality of the games they will produce will be enjoyed by many people of all ages.


Adam T. Davis

Adam T. Davis

Chief Operating Officer of Delinquent Games

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