Method of payment

Personal checks are welcome. All foreign checks must be drawn on a United States bank. The most convenient and cheapest method of foreign payment is by VISA, MASTERCARD, or AMERICAN EXPRESS. These are the only cards I can accept. Also, International Postal Money Orders are accepted.

In order to make my books more accessible to those on a budget, I accept installment payments by MASTERCARD, VISA, or AMERICAN EXPRESS, in equal monthly installments.  You can have the shipping and handling combined with the total cost, and have it  charged to your card.  The usual number of installments is 6 or 10, but further accomodations can be made for loonger or shorter terms.  The books do not do anyone any good just sitting in storage.    

You can order the books by mail, fax, phone or Email. If you are uncomfortable with sending your card number over the Net, you can mail, fax, or phone the number to me separately.  Some people send the information in two separate emails for added security.  No one sees my email or faxes except I.

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