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Other Moon Anomalies

Image showing a huge area often described as the ruins of an ancient city, and much more. The darker region is the Mare Crissium area.

Detail of 'city the size of L.A.' on the moon.

A closer view of 'The City'. This image has been equalized and resampled 2x.

An even closer view. Note the similarity to ctower.gif.

Another detail showing an anomalous domed structure with arches within the Picard crater. The crater above and to the left of Picard is Greaves crater (ctower.gif.)

This is a closeup from showing the dish-shaped Greaves crater and a nearby structure possibly built into the mountains, resembling a shipwreck! This is one of the most highly anomalous areas on the nearside of the moon. Mare Crisium is an area with many reported Lunar Transient Phenomina.

These images show anomalous dish shaped craters from the first image above. Greaves crater is on the right.

Drawing of a Russian base on the moon 

The Shard is a tall sturcture which casts a shadow on the moon's surface.

The Shard (dot above the Shard is a registration mark) 

Close-up view of the Shard 

An even closer view of the Shard 

Famous 4822 image. This is a new version recently released by Richard Hoagland with some of the anomalies labled. 

Close up of detail in 4822 image showing what Richard Hoagland and others have called "The Castle". This is apparently a crystaline structure on top of a glass dome. 

Another interesting image, 4856, showing numerous anomalous structures on the surface of the moon 

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