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Biowar - Part II



The lab director of Aqua-tech Environmental (aka. Aqua-Tel), Marion, OH, ph., (707) 887-2228, using samples taken from JP-8 contaminated fields of Maryland and Pennsylvania, reported today (9/18/97) that ethylene dibromide, otherwise known as EDB, has been the contaminate in the fuel and water samples taken of submitted by farmers,

pilots and tanker drivers. EDB is one of the most tightly controlled EPA substances and was banned in 1983 due to its carcinogenieity. EDB is a pesticide that apparently is being placed in the jet fuel and dispersed on

a daily, almost non-stop basis in our skies. The lines filling our skies are not contrails. The lines are dispersed and may linger for hours, slowly filtering down to unsuspecting pests, and I guess we're the PESTS.

Water samples are contaminated with EDB and crops are dying. EDB is just one more avenue for the NWO folks to starve us to death and make us ill by weakening our already compromised immune systems. Exposure to this toxic chemical may lead to cancer, liver and kidney damage, pulmonary edema, damage to a developing fetus and reproductive organs of both men and women. Let's not forget that the chemical may also cause sterility. Doesn't that fit into their plan for population control? They have really found the perfect chemical.

EDB is a carcinogen and a mutagen that may also cause eye and skin irritation, cardiopulmonary arrest, and binds to DNA. Skin blisters and respiratory failure are other conditions caused by ethylene ibromide. The conditions are too numerous to list but this will give you an idea of problems caused by this chemical. EDB is a carcinogen at any exposure level and humans are more susceptible than animals to the acute toxic affects. This does not mean that it will not kill animals.

We have reports from California and Wyoming of the birds dying.

Ethylene dibromide was used in leaded gasoline until 1983 to remove lead from engines and was found in engine exhaust This chemical is a heavy liquid with a chloroform-like odor that becomes a gas at temperatures greater than 40 degrees F. The higher the temperature it isdispersed at the more toxic It becomes, therefore dispersing from a jet would be ideal, The compound is stable, meaning it does not easily decompose. .This would account for the substance staying in the sky forlong periods of time. EDB is only slightly soluble in water, but dissolves easily in organic solvents. JP-8 Is considered an organic solvent. A water sample from rain would be an excellent way to verify contamination and a fuel sample so much the better.

Please note that EDB is a colorless liquid, with a sweet odor, however no smell does not mean you are not being exposed. Substances are also added that counteract the smell. Pilots please note that dispersing JP-8, along with these toxic chemicals is killing people. You are not counteracting any type of biological that has been spread, or any antidote of anytype.


We now have proof that our government is using chemical agents on populated areas they are adding it to military jet fuel.

Have you ever looked up at a vapor trail behind military aircraft flying so high a symbol of americas power. Look again!!

Commerical jets also leave a lovely (non-toxic) vapor trail when the heat from the turbines come in contact with the cool air condencing the water droplets into steam. Softly the lines defuse into the blue sky . So what is different about the military aircraft, the answer is simple, It's the Fuel JP-8+100 is some really bad stuff.

When you look up over the skys of New York City on a clear, sunny morning you see the military aircraft making patterens across the sky with their vapor trails. The smoke is thick and does not go away. When it comes in contact with the sunlight it turns to a purple color, then desipates into a over cast Purple Haze.

So what is this Purple Haze, A fuel sample of JP-8+100 was taken to an independent lab ( NON GOVERMENT FUNDED) and broken down.

The sample revealed Two toxic substances.

1. Ethlyene Di Bromide

2. Zinc Cloride

1. EDB attacks the Liver , Lungs , and Skin. causeing liver damage, Lung and skin Cancer.

2. Don't know the affects of Zinc Cloride yet. also EDB lowers the immune system by depleteing the body of B vitamins and zinc.

answer to problem, use a B Complex vitamin and Zinc.

I wonder how these chemicals react with ( MTBE ) Methyl tert Butyl Ether, that is added to the gas that is used in you families car.

It's bad enough they screw around with the Water but now the Air. Whats next Bottled Air! This whole thing stinks of a Goverment DePopulation Program.

More as I get It