JFK Plane Explosion Eyewitness 'Compromised' And/Or Missing

By John A. Quinn

NewsHawk Inc. <jaq@saber.net> 8-6-99

Some of the primary information which supports John Kennedy's plane having been destroyed IN THE AIR has been provided by 3 KNOWN witnesses to the AIRBORNE explosion OVER THE WATER to the southwest of Philbin Beach on Gay Head, Martha's Vineyard, at about 9:40 PM July 16. Two of these are eyewitnesses; another, the closest to the source of the explosion of all 3, is an "ear"-witness.

One of these eyewitnesses was identified by SEVERAL media outlets as a reporter for the Vineyard Gazette, who was walking on Philbin Beach at around 9:40 PM. This person described what he had seen to WCVB-TV Boston as "a big white flash in the sky" off Philbin Beach.

The note below, from associate John DiNardo who contacted the Vineyard Gazette in an attempt to talk with this reporter and witness, shows how far-reaching the arm-twisting is at ALL LEVELS to SQUELCH evidence, testimony, scientific data (weather radar returns) and any other information which undermines--should I say GIVES THE LIE to--the official disinformation about the cause of the plane crash.

DiNardo was lied to point-blank by a representative of the Vineyard Gazette, who told him the "whole thing" was a mixup due to some fireworks having been set off at "Falmouth".

Well, guess what. Falmouth is in nearly the opposite direction from that which eyewitnesses were facing when they saw the explosion the air.

The "ear"-witness, vacationing Pittsburgh attorney Victor Pribanic, was interviewed by the Martha's Vineyard Times. Of the three known witnesses Pribanic was the CLOSEST to the actual location where the plane apparently went down. Pribanic had been fishing at the southwest end of Philbin Beach that evening and has been there for SEVERAL HOURS. He made NO MENTION WHATSOEVER of any "fireworks" going off in this area.

So scratch THAT bit of disinformation now going around, which attempted to invalidate the fact that Philbin Beach witnesses DID INDEED see and hear an explosion in the AIR, over the WATER to the SOUTHWEST.

Further attempts by John DiNardo in his call to the Vineyard Gazette to at least learn the identity of the reporter were met with continual and complete refusal, and finally with a lame excuse that the reporter was no longer even employed by the paper! (Funny they never said that at first!)

I think we all get the picture here, eh?

John Quinn/NewsHawk Inc.


Here's Mr. DiNardo's report of his conversation with the Vineyard Gazette.

I just phoned the Martha's Vineyard Gazette, and spoke with a woman there. I asked her about the statement, in the early reports of the John F. Kennedy Jr. plane crash, that a reporter for the Martha's Vineyard Gazette had witnessed an explosion in the sky around the time of the crash. She replied, "Oh, that story was completely bogus. What really happened was that someone was shooting off fireworks on Falmouth." "Falmouth?" I said, "Is that an island?" "Falmouth," she said, "is the closest point to Martha's Vineyard."

I said, "But this reporter witnessed an explosion in the SKY." She countered, "Well, they were shooting rockets up in the air, or something like that."

Fearing that I might scare her off if I continued along this line of inquiry, I asked, "May I speak with the reporter who witnessed this?" "Oh, no," she replied nervously, "we can't do that." I said, "Oh, that's strange. What would be the problem with speaking to a reporter?" She repeated, "We can't permit that." I said, "Okay, can you at least give me his name?" "No, we can't do that, either," she persisted." Then she added, "He no longer works for us," almost as if she were making it up, just to turn me away. And then when I responded in a surprised "Ohhh", she suddenly realized that that comment made matters worse, and, in a jolt of vexation, she sputtered, "Oh, no, no -- it has nothing to do with that incident; he went back to school." "Oh," I said, "so is he a journalism student?" After an answerless pause, I thanked her and said goodbye. I think she was relieved.

What do you make of this, folks? What questions would you have asked if you had called the Martha's Vineyard Gazette, at (508)627-4311 ? What questions would you ask if you should decide to call the Martha's Vineyard Gazette at (508)627-4311 ?

John DiNardo jdinardo@idt.net


8.6.99 What this respondent has to say about "rumors" (started by WHOM I wonder?) now "circulating" that eyewitnesses on Philbin Beach, Martha's Vineyard to an airborne explosion actually saw "fireworks" going off at "Falmouth" have been SERIOUSLY invalidated by the comments of this area resident reprinted below, who says that Falmouth is basically in the opposite direction from that which witnesses who saw the explosion were facing.

John Quinn

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Unless I've gotten real stupid there is no way I could be looking at an explosion facing in the direction of JFK.JRs. PLANE. Falmouth would be behind me over my RIGHT SHOULDER.