Big Red

Likely the most satisfying effort of my forty years of model building and flying is Big Red.  It is a 96" sport design of my own, having an open cockpit and mid wing and powered by a 35cc gas engine.  It is the product of a set of surplus wings and a plane structure designed to use them that satisfied my personal interest of a sport plane with the look of the '30s era, but having a mid wing so as to be  modern in construction and fly well.

The effort began with a sketch, followed by drawings and four months of construction.  During the build log, one poster offered  "I like where this is going."

Upon completion of the build, as always a  Maiden Flight followed by comments, An example,  "The maiden showed no issues, which says a lot about the build".

More than a year after the maiden, Big Red is my best model effort.  It is my only self design, is my largest scratch build, and after a year and more than fifty flights has proven itself my best flying plane among a hanger of nearly twenty. 

Among the current RC model spectrum, commercially built (ARF) planes have become the norm, having replaced kit builds.  They offer a wide range of models of sport and scale craft and most of them look good and fly well.  A modeler takes pride in owning a good looking and flying plane.

On the other end of that spectrum is the self designed scratch build and if the result in a good looking and good flying craft, the modeler enjoys personal accomplishment and pride in the effort and a sense of joining a fraternity of others who have done so.

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