Storage Under New Table

The table finished, the space under the table needed utilized to handle the clutter of small things including playing cards, dominoes, score pad, eye glasses, etc.  Thoughts ranged from a wooden drawer cabinet with tray to something simply in plastic.  A check at Lowes Home Center hit the jackpot.  Found were containers that fit the need nicely. 
  • they color match the cushions well
  • two make the right size footprint
  • corners are adequately rounded
  • have locking lids (easy to operate locks) but the lids fit over well without locking
  • because two are used, contents are better separated
  • when accessing one, the lid simply sets on the other
  • visibility and hand access into the containers is ideal
  • easy to unlock, see into and access from either settee
  • the drink holders rotation just clears with a slight bit of friction, which locks them in an out of the way position when not used
  • at under $3 each, the price was right
The drawer cabinet is not ruled out, but these containers seem very well suited.

Arrrrrgghh !  I can't do it... the plastic under the new wood finish table just doesn't seem right and there is enough wood for some sort of storage.  Some sketching produced this design that follows Oscar's drawer idea with some exceptions. His drawer was built into the table, which gave some concern about a dual use cockpit / cabin table.  A drawer underneath and attached to the table would compromise knee space when the table was used in the cockpit.  It would also lock the legs making it more awkward to move as well as heavier and more difficult to manage.

This design would be screwed to the coffee table.  Doing so also allows it to have a catch all tray above the drawer.  The little plastic boxes, which would find another use,  did benefit in that they yielded the desired height as everything in the tray would be easily visible and easily reached without any hand or arm contorting and the drink holders, a necessary part of the table especially for cockpit use would swivel out of the way in the cabin. And, its important that they swivel aft as forward of the compression post is a no go zone because a pillow is placed there and our heads while sleeping approach the post.  So, there were seven inches of height to work with... a two inch tray seemed reasonable, which would keep things from piling up too deep to manage easily and a drawer of four inches inside height. The box uses styled corners so that they can be rounded to observe safety

The project is under construction now.  And... has offered some of the most demanding joinery I've experienced.  A myriad of interlocking dado joints, some only 1/8" deep because of the 5/16" stock that I'm working with demands that everything fit perfectly.

The project is finished
The storage unit has a fresh coat of oil and the table has only one coat
 and it is well dried in, which accounts for the color difference