9-28:  Informal get-together at Best Western motel
9-29:  5pm cocktails, then 7pm dinner buffet at the Baraboo Country Club
9-30:  10am brunch at the Farm Kitchen

55th Reunion of the Class of 1957
(contributed by Stewie)

Friday afternoon at the Best Western was enjoyable, but attendance was less than in previous years.  Stewie's sister Sandy was with her, and Thoralee Larson and Mickey Stackman Rau were there from her class of '58.  Class of '57 provided lots of wine, water, beer, soda.   Later in the afternoon many classmates went across the street to Glacier Rock (used to be Papa's) for Friday fish.  The fish fry group included Stewie & her sister, Mary Deppe, Jan Caflisch, Corrine Thompson, Sandy Fullmer Hause, Peachy Helmes from CA) and Margie Caflisch & husband.  Others were also there, but they were seated in separate locations.

On Saturday night at the Baraboo Country Club, a nice crowd enjoyed the excellent food (buffet with prime rib, turkey & salmon) and service.   Classmates attending included:  Ronald Alley, Neal Astle, Ann Manley, Bruce Boyd, Roger Caflisch, Margie Caflisch Gerstenberger, Gloria Campbell Jones, Elaine Crahen Haag, Janice Danbeck Caflisch, Elaine Doering Schilling, Nancy Dokken Herritz, Allen Dolan, Paul Emhoff, Pat Fenske Tomaselli, Sandra Fullmer Hause, Robert Greenwood, James Higgins, Lois Hillcoat Luther, John Holdridge, Wanda Keeper Nims, Donna Koehler Harman, Betty Krueger, Diane Lange Mandt, Thomas Marquardt, Beverly Martin Caflisch, Ted Meisel, Nancy Morsch Jarstad, Patti Newell Astle, William Randall, Mary Anne Remhof Lee, Brenda Warner Rotzoll, Judy Schara Fitch, William Schara, Janeth Schonasky Boese, Bernard Spink, Beverly Stavnaw Horn, Diana Stewart Zick, Priscilla Sutton Helmes, Mary Thayer Deppe, Jolene Traxler Crowley, Marilyn Utzinger Nevers, Joan Wallace Sherwood, John Welch, Beverly Wiese Wilkinson.  Mary Sweeney Schermerhorn was ill, but joined us Sunday for Brunch.

Many classmates brought guests, including Louie Tomaseli, Targe Mandt, Frank Horn, Keith Wilkinson, Betty Alley, Lois Emhoff, Gene Jarstad, Roy Luther, the wives of Bill Randall & John Welch, and the husbands of Elaine Doering & Nancy Dokken & Donna Koehler Harman. 

As a memorial to deceased classmates, Elaine Crahen Haag decorated a real tree with lights, added leaves with names of deceased classmates; her hubby Fran dug up the tree and boxed it nicely, and placed it near a little table with candles and a list of classmates.

On Sunday, the final reunion event was the traditional brunch at the Farm Kitchen.

Thanks to all classmates who helped organize and made sure that everything went smoothly.