Baraboo High School
Class of 1957
60th Reunion

Cocktails & Dinner at Baraboo Country Club
Photos by Gene Putz

Country Club view

Our Reception Team, Mary Thayer Deppe and Jan Danbeck Calflisch

Checking in.  Thanks Jan and Mary.

Reaquainting 1

Reaquainting 2

Jim Higgins, John Holdridge and Wayne Sheil

Patti Newell Astle, Karen Nelson Putz and Neal Astle

Brenda Rotzoll, Pat Fenske Tomaselli and Nancy Dokken Herritz

Lois Hillcoat Luther and Roy Luther

Nancy Dokken Herritz and Bonnie Riley Ferrron

back: Joan Wallace Sherwood and Betty Krueger; front: Bev Weise Wilkinson and Judy Schara Fitch


Bonnie Riley Ferron, Ann Barker Manley, Joel Hammermeister,  Elaine Crahen Haag's husband, Neal Astle, Patti Newell Astle

Frank Horn, Bev Stavnaw Horn, Brenda Rotzoll, Pat Fenske Tomaselli, Nancy Dokken Herritz,
Lois Hillcoat Luther, Jim Herritz, Roy Luther

Jerry Klingenmeyer, Myrna Holdridge, Joel Anstett, John Holdridge, Sherrie Anstett, Karen Putz, Jerry's wife

Bill Schara, his wife, (sorry for bad timing), Donna Koehler Harmon and husband

Jim Higgins wife, Jim, Ted Meisel, Paul Emhoff's wife, Wayne Sheil's wife, Ted Meisel's wife,
Paul Emhoff, Wayne Sheil, John Welch, John's wife

Tom Marquardt, Tom's wife, Mary Anne Remhoff Lee, Nancy Dahlke Mueller,
Roger Caflisch, Bev Martin Caflisch, Bob Greenwood's wife, Bob Greenwood

Betty Krueger, Joanne Ramsey Kinzler, Joanne's daughter, Sandy Fullmer Hause, Jan Danbeck Caflisch,
Mary Thayer Deppe, Bev Wiese Wilkinson, Joan Wallace Sherwood, Judy Schara Fitch

Marilyn's husband, Bernie Spink's wife, Bernie, Al Dolan, Elaine Doering Schilling's husband, Elaine,
Nancy Morsch Jarstad, __, Marilyn Utzinger Nevers

Diane Dederick Hankes' husband, Diane, Jim Clement, Jolene Traxler Crowley's husband, Jolene,
Jim Clement's wife, Bruce Boyd, John Fluette

Memorial 1

Memorial 2

Memorial 3