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2017 James Valesh Duane Schultz

2016 Ronald Alley
Phillip Zimmerly Becky Riedel Mary Cone Diana Stewart
Ross Alexander
2015 Don Webb
Joan Wolkow Nancy Werth
Virginia Danube

2014 Charlotte Rhinehart Mary Sweeney

2013 Elaine Crahen Eugene Mueller Art Ruda Peter Terry Jean Rooney
2012 Edwin Jellum Stanley Swanson

2011 Jim Roach

2010 Terrence Frambs Richard Schulze Ruth Pellett John Cook

Bruce Coller Charlotte Meier

Joan Bindley

Richard Baumbach JoAnn Kaufman

Bonnie Christian Harlan Fuller Ron Tauber

Mary Brophy Norman Solum Pat Stevenson

2003 Gerald Getschman

2001 Jim Cleveland

2000 Charles Bass Tom McArthur Pat Wilda Duane Manley

Janet Hansen

1996 Paul Knoop

1995 Bill Decker Sallye Mabry Herman Schwarz

1993 Douglas Dreifke

1992 Bill Paske

1988 Lowell Kamerer

1987 Janice Meisel

1975 Richard Smith

1974 Ronald Platt Dale Crawford

1971 Marlin Heimlich

1964 Kay Walling Neal Carrier

Memories remain
within my heart and mind
of times so long ago,
of things I left behind.

Of people I have loved,
and lost along the way...
the spirit still lives on,
the love is here to stay.

It only takes a moment,
to restore what used to be...
like footprints in the sand
they’ve left their mark on me.

Memories remain
forever they will be...
ingrained upon my heart,
where love resides in me.

Copyright 1999 Jill Lemming