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Photo contributed by Joel Anstett, June 2008
1953 Photo

Guess who?  Stewie wins!
Mary Thayer, Joel Anstett, Margie Fisher, Mary Sweeney & Don Webb.

Guess where?  Nobody guessed it.
The location was Chase's BarBQ dining room, after St. Jos. 8th grade graduation.

Photos contributed by John Williams, June 2007
2nd Ward
(click to enlarge photos)

2nd Ward 1st Grade

1st row(L to R): ?
2nd row: Jim Roach, ?, John Williams, ?, Henry Ringling, ?
3rd row: ?, ?, Neil Carrier, ?, ?, Brenda Rotzoll, ?
4th row: ?, Dave Ritzenthaler, Jim Cleveland, ?, ?, John Effinger, ?

2nd Ward Boys

1st row(L to R): Ken (Mickey) Carmichael, Bruce Boyd, Monnie Solum, Bradley Hintz, Allen Adams, Tom MacArthur, Jim Clement
2nd row: Henry Ringling, Pete Mekkelson, Jeff Schiffmayer, Richard (Peewee) Schultz, ?, John Effinger, Jerry Stevens, Neal Carrier, ?
3rd row: Larry Welch, Jim Cleveland, John Williams, Dave Ritzenthaler
Thanks also to Ken Carmichael for providing names.

Photos contributed by Joel Anstett, May & December 2006

Coach Leidholdt, Red Nelson, Joel Anstett, Wayne Sheil, Bill Haskins

Joel Hammermeister, Pat Fenske, Joel Anstett

Hammermeister, Diane Lange, Anstett

A 1972 post-reunion photo of two fishermen.
1946 North Freedom School Photo

Mrs Isabelle Harrop, 1st, 2nd & 3rd grade teacher in 1946,
passed away Sept. 2, 2003 in Florida.
I added this photo in her memory - Mrs Harrop is in the back row on the right.
 Photo is dated Nov. 1946.

Several BHS 1956, 1957 & 1958 graduates are in the photo.

Click on photos to view larger photos.

1st & 2nd rows:  Anna Clark, Marcia Krause, Fred Russell, Duane Manley, Mary Walters, Bob Helms, Donna Kapelke, Harley Jenewein, Jim Bender, Carl Schwarz, Paul Emhoff, Bill Bender, Herman Schwarz, Jerry Klingenmeyer, Paul Knoop, George Bell, Wayne Lange, Ray Sorenson

Top row:  Larry Herritz, Jerry Ward, unknown, Joan Thiede, (?) Muchow, Faye Kapelke, Lorraine Dixon, Vickie Zimmerman, Patsy Klingenmeyer, Beverly Manley, (?) Muchow, Camay Dixon, Jean Knoop, Mrs Harrop

Sept 2003 photo from George Bell
Larger photos added 12-22-07

March 2003 Photos
Photos sent by Ken Carmichael.

Bicycle in the snow...

- Jeff Schiffmayer, front, & Jim Cleveland

Shoveling snow...

- John McDunnough

This car is now a classic...

- An MG with Jim Clement at the wheel.

Jim Clement's hot rod

Feb 2003 Photos
Photos sent by Ken Carmichael.

Four young 57ers

Front: Richie Sorg and John Williams - back: Jeff
Schiffmayer and Diane Lange Mandt.

Seven (at least) at a box lunch raffle

The box lunchers are - starting at 12 o'clock standing is Phil Jauch,
walking is Paul Emhoff, Emily Potter is nibbling next to Pete Mekkelson, Dave Ritzenthaler is checking out something before taking a bite, Tom MacArthur is sitting talking to unknown female, Norm Solum is sitting in the middle, looking around Brenda Rotzell.

Cool car

The car of course belonged to Jim Clement.


Feb 2003 Photos - sent by Ken Carmichael.


"Broken Bike" - Bruce Boyd

"Party Time" - Larry Welch
"Crackin' Up" - Virginia Schwartz

"57 group photo @ old junior high"

Photo sent by Ken Carmichael.

Front 2: Richie Sorg & Ken "Mickey" Carmichael

Middle 2: Mike Coe & Neal Astle.

Back3: John Effinger, Jeff Schiffmayer & Jim Cleveland


L-R: Peggy Quindt (upper left), Pat Wilda,
Lois Hillcoat, Pat Fenske & Stewie
"Pillow Fight" Photo sent by Stewie.

Note:  Stewie is at the far right of photo.  There is a 6th person behind Stewie.  Anybody remember who that was?

45th reunion photos sent by Pat (Fenske) Tomaselli.

Click on the photos to view larger sizes.

"Where do we put the beer & wine?"

"I hope nobody takes a picture of me now."
L-R:  Stewie, Jim Herritz, Patti Astle & Joel
Hammermeister.  Guy by hammock is a neighbor.
Mary Deppe


Photo sent in by Stewie.

Old Junior High study hall

Click on the photo to view a larger size.


L-R, 3rd row:  Bob Harrison(58), Paul Emhoff(57), teacher Miss Brice, Duane Manley(57), Harley Jenewein(58)
2nd row: Janice Harrison(58), Donna Kapelke(58), Jane Doughty(N/A), Beverly Manley(N/A), Jean Knoop(58), Bonnie Christian(57)
1st row:  Gerald Hause(58), Jerry Klingenmeyer(57), Phillip Zimmerly(57), Michael Eldridge(58), Paul Knoop(57), George Bell(57), Herman Schwartz(57)
Photo sent by George Bell.

North Freedom 5th & 6th grades, 1951

Click on the photo to view a larger size.

Class year is included as (57) or (58) or didn't attend BHS(N/A).


Photo sent by Stewie.

L-R, top: Lois Hillcoat and Joyce Crum
bottom: Margie Caflisch, Jackie Kunz
& Patti Newell

Photo sent by Stewie.

Bob Schonasky


The 7 photos below were sent in by Ken Carmichael.

Photo 6 
Peggy Quindt, Virginia Schwartz, Lynn Melnik 
Photo 7 
Brenda Rotzoll

Photo 4 
Patti O'Keefe & Richard Sorg
Photo 5 
Virginia Schwartz, Pat Fenske
& Lois Hillcoat

Photo 1 
Lois Hillcoat
Photo 2 
Virginia Schwartz and John Effinger


Photo 3
Mickey Carmichael

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