45th Reunion
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Reunion Events:

Friday, June 28
3 PM      Refreshments at the Devil's Head pool.  We enjoyed swimming, visiting, and  free beer & wine under the trees.  We were on our own for dinner & some groups of classmates went out to dinner together.

Saturday, June 29
5 PM      Group Picture (all events at Devil's Head)
6 PM      Cocktail Hour
7 PM      Dinner and Program  -Master of Ceremonies: Joel Hammermeister
   A. Welcome to Classmates & Guests
   B. Welcome and introduction of teacher guests Harry Saloutas and wife Helen, & Cole Felmlee
  C. Reading of the names and moment of Silence for deceased classmates
   D. Blessing by Classmate Father Jeff Schiffmayer
   E. Meal
   F. Five minutes until next class (Program)
   D. Reintroduced teachers; each teacher gave a short statement
   E. Thanked reunion committee (see list at bottom of page)
   F. Thanked Patti & Neal Astle for all of their work over the years and presented  them with a gift certificate for dinner at Devils Head from Class of 57
  G. List of people we are still looking for:   Dean Schultz, Terry Frambs, Valerie Ekendahl & Mildred Coy Larson
  H. Thanked George Bell for finding people and setting up website.
  I.  People asked to sign permission sheet to list E-Mail on web site
  J.  Reminded classmates to send committee change of address cards
  K. Read a message from our class president, Pete Mekkelson
  L. Read a message from Pat Stevenson and asked people to send her cards.
  M. Complete set of Baraboo Highlights available for sale; Sandy Alexander saved them and Diana Stewart Zick made copies
  N. Next reunion will be 50th
  O. Class dismissed - be back in your seats by June of 2007

Sunday, June 30
10 AM     We enjoyed a bounteous brunch at the Farm Kitchen and a chance to say good bye to friends after enjoying an ENTIRE WEEKEND of memories and friendships.

    Thanks to Joel Hammermeister & Diana (Stewie) Zick for help with the above summaries.  Thanks to Ann Manley for the reunion program - couldn't have made the website without it.  Thanks also to Stewie, Allen Dolan & Mary Schermerhorn  for website photo contributions.

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45th Reunion Statistics

151 graduated with class of '57

163 names on 2002 reunion list
   119 (73%) lived within 500 miles
     44 (27%) lived within 2400 miles

61 (37%) attended reunion
    41 (67%) lived in Baraboo area
     9 (15%) lived within 250 miles
    11 (18%)  lived within 2400 miles

45th Reunion Committee

Neal & Patti Astle, Diana Zick,
Jan Caflisch, Ann Manley,
Helen Shortreed, Bruce Boyd,
Joel Hammermeister, Elaine Haag,
Pat & Lou Tomaselli,
Nancy & Jim Herritz,
Mary Schermerhorn,
John Effinger, Paul Emhoff,
Bob Greenwood, Judy Fitch,
Mary Deppe, George Bell

Attendees included:
Ronald & Betty Alley
Joel & Sherrie Anstett
Neal & Patti (Newell) Astle
Ann (Barker) Manley
Judy (Baumgarten) Reinfeldt
George & Susan Bell
Bruce Boyd & Va Linda Wondrasch
Roger & Beverly (Martin) Caflisch
Gloria (Campbell) Jones
Bonnie (Christian) Medina
Elaine (Crahen) & Francis Haag
Jan (Danbeck) & Gordy Caflisch
Nancy (Dokken) & Jim Herritz
Allen Dolan
John Effinger
Paul & Lois Emhoff
Karen (Fosgate) & Fred Decorah
Pat (Fenske) & Lou Tomaselli
Sandy (Fullmer) Hause
Carol (Green) & David Spiegel
Bob & Sandy Greenwood

Mary (Gross) & Jim Martin
Joel Hammermeister
Lois (Hillcoat) & Roy Luther
John & Myrna Holdridge
JoAnn (Kaufman) Malchow
Jerry & Sharon Klingenmeyer
Donna (Koehler) & Paul Harmon

Betty Krueger
Diane (Lange) & Targe Mandt
Arlene (Ludwig) Warynich
Jerry Luetkins
Fred Luther
Ted & Sharon Meisel
Nancy (Morsch) Wiese & Gene Jarstad
John "Red" & Loretta Nelson
Ruth (Pellett) Guyer
Bill & Kathryn Randall
Mary Anne (Remhof) Lee
Becky (Reidel) & Pete Langner
Roger & Sandy Ruda
Judy (Schara) Fitch
Bill & Judy Schara
Jeff & Sylvia Schiffmayer
Robert Schonasky
Duane "Twink" Schultz
 Wayne & LaNita Sheil
Norman Solum
Bernard & Barbara Spink
Beverly (Stavnaw) & Frank Horn
Diana (Stewart) Zick
Mary (Sweeney) Schermerhorn
Mary (Thayer) Deppe
Corrine (Thompson) & Toby Goecks
Marilyn (Utzinger) & Tom Nevers
Helen (Walsh) Shortreed
Don & Pat Webb
Lawrence & Mary Lu Welsh
Nancy (Werth) & Fred Bayer


Note:  For simplicity, maiden names are not included

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Reunion Group Photo

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(Photo includes classmate's names)

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Head Table at Banquet, June 29th

Mrs. and Mr. Harry SaLoutos; Cole Felmlee;
Joel Hammermeister; Janice & Gordie Caflisch

Pete & Becky Langner

Diane Mandt & Beverly Horn

Sandy & Roger Ruda

Bonnie Medina, Pat Tomaselli
& Patti Astle

Diana Zick, Patti Astle,
Mary Deppe, Joel Hammermeister & Judy Fitch

Bob Greenwood,
Pete & Becky Langner,
George & Susan Bell

Bernie Spink & Twink Schultz

Bob Schonasky, Diana Zick
& Twink Schultz

Patti Astle, Bob & Ruth Guyer

Allen Dolan

Corrine Goecks

Gene Jarstad & Nancy Wiese

Jeff & Sylvia Schiffmayer

Judy Reinfeldt & Betty Krueger

Gloria Jones & guest

Jim Herritz
Mary Anne Lee & Judy Fitch

Mary, Judy & Stewie 

Patti Astle, Mary Schermerhorn,
Mary Deppe, Joel Hammermeister
& Judy Fitch

Ronald & Betty Alley,
& Bonnie Medina

Twink Schultz, Roger Ruda,
Neal & Patti Astle

Bernie Spink & Diana Zick

Baraboo's St. Jos school group

Bob Schonasky, VaLinda
Wondrasch & Bruce Boyd

Don & Pat Webb,
& Joel Hammermeister

Bernie Spink, Susan Bell,
Allen Dolan & George Bell

Jan Caflisch & Mary Deppe

Joel Hammermeister,
Janice & Gord Caflisch

LaNita Scheil, Lois Emhoff,
Bev Caflisch & Sharon Meisel

Marilyn Nevers, Roy Luther,
Arlene Warynich, Pat Tomaselli,
Elaine Haag & Lois Luther

Mary Anne Lee & Patti Astle

Mrs & Mr Harry SaLoutos,
Bernie Spink & Cole Felmlee

Sandy Hause, Ann Manley
& Diane Mandt


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