BHS 2013 Picnic, July 13, 2013
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Email 7/14/2013 from Joel Hammermeister

Picnic 2013

On Saturday July 13th, the BHS class of 1957 held their annual picnic.  In attendance were: Joel and Sherrie Anstett, Ann Barker Manley, Joel Hammermeister, Neal and Patti Newell Astle, Targe and Diane Lange Mandt, Nancy Dokken Herritz, Wayne and LaNita Sheil, Louie and Pat Fenske Tomaselli, Frank and Bev Stavnaw Horn, John and Loretta Nelson,  Gene and Nancy Morsch Jarstad, Bev Wiese Wilkinson, Bill Randall, John and Myrna Holdrige, Ed and Maureen Johnson, Alan Dolan, Pete and Becky Riedel Langner, Bernie and Barb Spink, Jan Danbeck Caflisch, Roger and Bev Martin Caflisch, Judy Schara Fitch, Bob and Sandy Greenwood, Mary Remhoff Lee, Diana Stewart Zick, Mary Gross Martin, Nancy Dahlke Mueller, Marilyn Rhode, Jerry and Sharon Klingenmeyer, Paul and Lois Emhoff, Jim and Nancy Higgins, Mary Thayer Deppe, John and Ann Effinger, Corrine Thompson Goecks.
A lot of friendships were renewed and stories retold once more.  Toward the end of the afternoon some one said.
"Let's all go to Sorgs"
  "Sorgs is closed" was the answer.

"Then, lets go to Mikes"
  "Mikes is closed, too"

"That leaves the Wander Inn"
  "We can't; they tore down the Wander Inn"
So we all went home.
We took our Meds.
And went to bed early.

Photos taken at the BHS 2013 Picnic by Diane Mandt
(This is a slide show on Diane's site)

Photos taken at the BHS 2013 Picnic, July 13, 2013

Sent by Joel Anstett

Pat (Fenske) Tomaselli, Targe Mandt,
Mary (Remhoff) Lee

Frank & Bev (Stavnaw) Horn, Nancy
(Dokken) Herritz, Louie Tomaselli,
Diane (Lange) Mandt
Bernie & Barb Spink, Frank & Bev Horn,
Nancy (Dokken) Herritz, Louie Tomaselli

Mary (Remhoff) Lee, Gene & Nancy
(Morsch) Jarsted

Becky (Riedel) Langner, Diana (Stewart) Zick,
John & Lorretta Nelson
Bev (Martin) & Roger Caflisch,
Sharon & Jerry Klingenmeyer
Sandy & Bob Greenwood,
Bev (Martin) & Roger Caflisch

Bill Randall, Mary (Gross) Martin,
Patti (Newell) Astle
Jim & Nancy Higgins
Bill Randall, Mary (Gross) Martin,
Patti (Newell) & Neal Astle

Paul & Lois Emhoff Myrna & John Holdridge,
Bernie & Barb Spink
Judy (Schara) Fitch, Jan (Danbeck) Caflisch Mary (Thayer) Deppe, Nancy (Morsch) Jarsted Joel Hammermeister (red shirt),
Wayne & LaNita Shiel
Marilyn Rohde, Alan Dolan

Louie Tomaselli & Joel Anstett Louie & Pat (Fenske) Tomaselli
Diana (Stewart) Zick, Targe Mandt

Mary (Thayer) Deppe, Mary (Remhoff) Lee Sherrie Anstett, Mryna Holdridge
Bev (Wiese) Wilkinson, Nancy (Morsch) Jarsted Joel Anstett, Diane (Lange) Mandt John & Ann Effinger, Joel Anstett,
Corrine (Thompson) Goecks'  Daughter

Neal Astle, Corrine (Thompson) Goecks
and her Daughter