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RC Navigation Lights Control Module RC Model Aircraft Navigation Lighting System

A “must have” to bring realistic navigation lighting to any large scale radio controlled model aircraft.   This control module drives large 10mm 5-chip super bright LED's with a power rating of .5 watts each.   Landing lights are truned on and off via the radio transmitter indipendantly of the Navigation lights. The control module can be powered by a seperate 7.4V 2s Lipo or a 4.8V or 6V NiCad receiver battery.   The circuit board measures 2" X 3" and can be secured using Velcro adhesive.   Lighting functions include Red & Green Constant Navigation, Rotating Beacons, Landing Lights, and three strobe flash types.
Rotating Beacons ramp up in brightness, pulse at the top and ramp down again.  Strobe Types include Single pulse, Double Pulse and Triple pulse.  The triple pulse consists of two rapid fire pulses, a short delay followed by a third pulse.

The NAV lights and Landing Lights are both turned on and off from the transmitter.  When NAV lights are on, the landing lights can be turned on and off at will by the pilot.  When the NAV lights are turned off, all lights go off, including the Landing Lights.

One possible configuration
One possible configuration   A - Red and Green Constant Navigation
B - Rotating Beacons (Top and Bottom)
C - Landing Lights
D - Wing Tip Strobes (Single or Double Pulse)
E - Tail Strobe (Triple Pulse)

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