A Patriot View

Book Excerpt:

I’ve mentioned several times that we must review whom we select to represent us in Washington.  Our only power is to band together as common sense patriots to support those who will truly represent us.  We must vote, not only against these career politicians, but find real patriots who will turn this government around.

There is no damage, U.S. Constitutional or not, performed by our government over the last 230 years, that cannot be undone or overturned.  These unjust, unwanted, unnecessary laws, court orders or executive orders can be reversed whether they were accomplished by legal legislation or ordered by the courts

This damage to our pursuit of happiness and prosperity must be reversed or we will suffer economic collapse and return to tyranny (fascism).  If this happens the only alternative is to abolish or alter this government as set forth in the Declaration of Independence.  Can you see more clearly now, that because of the latest actions of the            congress and the executive branch that the clock is ticking?

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Government intervention. . . .
Irresponsible spending. . . . . .
Congressional arrogance. . . .
Blatant disregard of debt. . . . .
Shattered future for children…..

In addition we must keep in mind that the refurbishing of patriotism is not the only thing that must happen to start renewal of our pursuit of happiness and stopping our eventual economic and moral demise and collapse.  The founding fathers had a characteristic that supported their patriotic attitude and love of country.  They had a phenomenal belief in God that fueled moral values and common sense.  I believe their biggest mistake was the taking for granted that this belief in God and love of country would never wither or die.  It is imperative in our quest for the restoration process that these things never be taken for granted again. Why do I place such importance in moral values?

 Study the words of the Pledge of Allegiance, The Star Spangled Banner, God Bless America, The Declaration of Independence, The Gettysburg Address, and the state U.S. Constitutions of the 13 colonies and note the references to God who is the author of morality.


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Text Box: These are the issues that Lee Birkhead has wrestled with for years, culminating in his book, Our Foundation is Crumbling.  A graduate of  Oklahoma State University, ex-military officer and former small business owner, Birkhead  studied and contemplated past and current events and their effect on his beloved country.  He shares his insights and ideas in this thought-provoking text, with the hope of enlightening and challenging his reader to join him in his crusade to regain and uphold our precious freedoms. What part will you play in the road to recovery?  This is our opportunity and our responsibility.  Don’t miss your  chance to be involved!

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