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Engineering Officer aboard a destroyer.  He then worked in manufacturing, holding various managerial  and engineering positions prior to beginning his own construction company in Texas.  He and his wife, Carolyn, raised four extraordinary children. They have 12 captivating grandchildren. They retired in 1999 and moved to Florida to enjoy coastal sailing.  They currently reside in Arkansas where Lee pursues his writing, reading, sailing and cooking.
This is Lee’s first book, though he has researched and studied the issues for over thirty years.  He addresses international trade, government fallacies, crime, the military and global warming,  with practical solutions and suggestions for correction.
It is not his intent to persuade his reader but to simulate thought and challenge participation in whatever avenue best fits one’s area of interest and skill.

Lee Birkhead, Oklahoma native and graduate of OSU served in the U.S. Navy as an  engineering officeroNavy a 


While on a fall vacation in scenic Virginia, Arkansan, Lee Birkhead, had occasion to visit Monticello, beloved home of Thomas Jefferson.  “I had the awesome privilege of standing in the very spot where Jefferson reportedly stood looking out over his magnificent property, while contemplating the writing of the U.S. Constitution,” relates Birkhead.  It was a sobering experience that further intensified his determination to complete and publish his newly released book, Our Foundation is Crumbling

In light of the present unstable status of our nation, Birkhead has explored and assembled a  variety of provocative subjects from a typical engineering perspective—that of investigating and researching a problem, considering possible solutions and then arriving at a logical, common sense resolution.  Among  the topics discussed are the abuse of our constitution through government  excess, our out-of-balance trade practices, the healthcare disaster and the degradation of our society as a whole.  “I am issuing a wake-up call to all       citizens to get involved before it is too late,” states Birkhead.  To learn what you can do to become involved go to http://apatriotview.blogspot.com. 

Text Box: “My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government.”
 Thomas Jefferson

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A Patriot View

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From the Declaration of Independence.