The "GRAB-N-GO!"  AR Rifle Holder ™
The ONLY AR Rifle Holder of its Kind!
A flat surface mounted rifle holder.
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From The Makers of
The "Grab-N-Go!" AR Rifle Holder:

How To Select your model of the "Grab-N-Go!" AR Rifle Holder:
For "Stock", out of the box, AR cal 223 (NATO 5.56) Carbine rifles typically 16" barrel length, that have no side rail or custom forward hand stocks and are equipped with the typical "bird cage" style "A2" of flash arrestor - a straight forward AR: Select our "Patriot" model.

If your AR is customized with another barrel length, diameter, other caliber, Picatinny rail, Key-Mod hand stock, or any variation of customization: Select our "Minute-Man" model and provide me with such details and I will customize your "Grab-N-Go!" Rifle Holder to meet your specific requirements.

How To Install: Select a suitable location (always think safety - it's your first responsibility) for flat surface mounting with screws, toggle bolts, wall anchors or similar fasteners of your choice.
I recommend and have designed this product for vertical installation and use only for indoors applications.
Your selected location should provide ease of access and deployment of the rifle (to and from storage position) by use of the pistol grip. With that feature in mind position the "Grab-N-Go!" about waist height (or just below for those of us who have longer arms) for the best results.
You may if desired and for comfort, choose to incline the "Grab-N-Go!" at a more positive angle to feel more secure with your rifle resting in the upper cradle arms. However the product design provides such an angle to secure your rifle in a fully upright position.

Each unit is produced with "Secure-Fit" technology that provides a snug retention of your rifle. "Freedom-Action" is a special order customization feature.

Order your "Grab-N-Go!" AR Rifle Holder today!
I believe you'll enjoy and appreciate this product.
Maker of The "Grab-N-Go!" AR Rifle Holder


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