Rifle Holder

The "M I N U T E - M A N" ™ Model; with 1-1/2" Standoff
Rifle Holder

The "Minute-Man" ™ Model

Made for AR rifles having customized barrel length, diameters, side rail options.
(Soon to be available for the AK rifle; early 2018).
This mottled gray felt covered wood unit finishes to a nominal 1/2" thick vertical "backboard" and has an extended "barrel receiver block" base for added strength.
Available with our standard offering of 1-1/2" standoff side spacing to accomodate component attachments along the right side of your rifle.
It may be futher customized with 1" or 2" standoff side spacing and produced for rifles of calibers other than .223 /5.56 Nato ammunition, such as 7.62 - 308, 338 Federal, etc...
Available in Left- or Right-Hand configurations.
Our typical Minute-Man is produced with "Secure-Fit" ™ retention technology or "Freedom-Action" ™ is available upon special order requests.
Weighing under 3-1/2 pounds for shipping considerations.

Shown with a two (2") inch "standoff". This model is now customizable to a variety of calibers, barrel lengths, and diameters. It may also be adapted to accomodate tactical shotguns. Call to discuss your specific requiements.

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Grab-N-Go AR Rifle Holder

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