The "GRAB-N-GO!"  AR Rifle Holder ™
The ONLY AR Rifle Holder of its Kind!
The "M I N U T E - M A N" ™ Model; with 1-1/2" Standoff
MSRP $65.00

plus $15.00 S&H in the USA(lower 48) and sales tax as applicable.

AR Rifle Holder

The "Minute-Man" ™ Model

Made for AR rifles having customized barrel length, diameters, side rail options. This felt covered wood unit is produced with a (1/2" nominal thickness) vertical "backboard" and an extended "barrel receiver block" base for added strength.
Available with 1", 1-1/2", or 2" standoff side spacing.
It may be futher customized for the AR rifle of calibers other than .223 /5.56 Nato ammunition, such as 7.62 - 308, 338 Federal, etc...
Available in Left or Right-Hand configurations.
May be ordered with "Secure-Fit" ™ retention technology or "Freedom-Action" ™ upon request.
Weighing under 3-1/2 pounds for shipping considerations.

Shown with a two (2") inch "standoff". This model is now customizable to a variety of calibers, barrel lengths, and diameters. It may also be adapted to accomodate tactical shotguns. Call to discuss your specific requiements.


Grab-N-Go AR Rifle Holder
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The "Grab-N-Go!" - "Minute-Man" 1-1/2" Standoff model via PayPal
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