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Lawrence County, Arkansas

Location: Saffell, Lawrence, Arkansas -- 2 miles west then 1 mile south. Thank you to Sherry Daggett Hayes for the additional names and picture. Sherry and Rita Grigsby suveyed this cemetery in the fall of 2003. She has pictures of the tombstones that she is willing to share.

Latitude: 35.902N -- Longitude -91.320W -- Map

1st row -- the only marked grave/mound is on far south side of enclosure next to fence
John L. Ashby (5-18-1833 to 12-11-1886) Age 53 years, 6 months, & 23 days
     Even though he has a tombstone here, he is actually buried in Union Cemetery next to his
     wife Elizabeth Cason Ashby. He also has a tombstone there. His son John L. Ashby was
     cremated and the family used the old headstone of his Father for him as he was a pauper and
     had no money for a headstone.

2nd row --
Agnes L. Ashby (1905-1940)
Robert L. Ashby (1908-1925)
Saumuel L. Ashby (1864-1925)
Erie B. Ashby (1880-1922)
Buen Ashby (1899-1921)

3rd Row --
There are at least two graves in this row, but they are marked only by rocks, no inscription.

PAINTER, Agness -- one date -- 2 October 1940 -- 35 years 18 days

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Nancy Matthews

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