Nancy's Lawrence County Corner

Lawrence County, Arkansas

Location: East of North Saffell on private property south of the Old Roberts' Place

Thank you Sherry Chilton for sending information on this cemetery.

There are six people known to be buried in this family plot near the old H.O. Eagan homeplace.

EAGAN, H.O., Rev. -- b. 8 March 1847; d. 1 August 1928
EAGAN, Infant -- b. no date; d. no date
----- child of Marlin & Venita Eagan
EAGAN, Joe -- b. 1917; d. 1924 -- no stone
----- son of John & Leona Eagan
EAGAN, John White -- b. September 1883; d. March 1924
EAGAN, Martha J. -- b. 17 December 1858; d. 31 October 1918
----- wife of H.O. Eagan
EAGAN, Ruby -- b. about 1915; d. about 1924 -- no stone
----- daughter of John & Leona Eagan

** Veteran

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Nancy Matthews

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