Nancy's Lawrence County Corner

Lawrence County, Arkansas

Location: Jessup -- 1 mile south.

There are no stones that remain standing. What is left of them is scattered on the ground. Several rocks served as markers but there are no names or dates.

HENDERSON, John Franklin -- 22 July 1836; d. 12 March 1872
----- husband of M.R. Henderson
HENDERSON, Margaret Rosannah -- b. no date; d. no date
----- wife of John Franklin Henderson -- daughter of Fergus Sloan III and Rosannah Ruggles Sloan
HENDERSON, W.A. -- b. no date; d. no date

TAYLOR, Claudia Irene -- 27 September 1910; d. 20 March 1911
TAYLOR, I.C. -- b. no date; d. no date -- baby

WADLEY, Sarah C. -- b. 1826; d. 1874 -- wife of John B. Wadley
WADLEY, Susan -- b. April 1798; d. 1875 -- wife of Samuel Wadley

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