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Lawrence County, Arkansas

Location: Jesup, Lawrence, Arkansas -- south on the Eddy Smith Farm. This cemetery is being used again by families with the Mennonite Church near Jesup.

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Latitude: 36.014N -- Longitude -91.324W -- Map

** Veteran

Gingerich, Samuel, Jr. -- b. 19 March 1957; d. 20 December 1998
----- son of Samuel Gingerich, Sr.

MASSEY, Ann Jane Gray -- b. 12 April 1818; d. 21 October 1874 -- wife of J.L. Massey
MASSEY, J.L. -- b. 17 June 1812; d. 1 Sepbemer 1883; md. 1837
----- husband of Ann Massey
MASSEY, Martha A. -- b. 25 October 1858; d. 22 January 1866
----- daughter of J.L. and A.J. Massey
MASSEY, Robert L. -- b. 3 April 1856; d. 1 September 1858 -- son of J.L. and A.J. Massey
MAST, Grace -- b. June 2004; d. June 2004
----- daughter of Philip & Debra Mast
MAST, Travis Lloyd b. 30 August 1990; d. 11 September 2009
----- son of Phillip & Debra Mast brother of Grace, Tyler, Trenton, Tilon, Theron, Thayden, Trevor, Rose & Holly
----- grandson of Lloyd & Esther Troyer grandson of Levi & Emma Mast **
MILLER, Elizabeth -- b. 27 December 1952; d. 9 October 2006
----- daughter of Amos Miller and Elva Miller
----- sister of David, Sam, Amos Jr., Simon, Enos, Ruth & Rhoda

UNMARKED -- infant
UNMARKED -- unknown -- unengraved stone

As legend has it, a peddler came to the home of the Massey family and spent the night. He died durIng the night and as the family did not know who he was or where he came from, they buried him in the field.
** Veteran

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