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Independence County, Arkansas

Thank you to Sherry for sending the information on the cemetery along with the picture.

Location: Marshall Township, Independence County, Arkansas
2 miles South of Saffell, Arkansas in private field.
Survey done and picture made in March 2000

Latitude: 35.886N -- Longitude -91.281W -- Map

Daggett, Bufford C, son of John Harrison Daggett and Ophelia Perrin Daggett, Nov. 1914 -- Nov. 1914
Daggett, Lefty Grove b. 1 May 1936; d. 2 October 2008
----- son of John & Ophelia Perrin Daggett husband of Dianne Daggett
----- brother of Buford, Carl, Orgil, Ollous, Leonard, Leamon, James, Morton & Shirley
----- US Army Korea Vietnam ** **
Durfee, Novia, dau of Fred and S. E., b. 24 Jan 1893, d. 6 Feb, 1895
Durfee, William Dolphus, son of Fred and S. E., b. 22 Sept. 1890, d. 22 Aug., 1915.

McNutt, Mary J., wife of George Washington McNutt, b. 20 June, 1837, d. 1 Mar. 1869 (It is her husband
----- who is buried in the field across from Union Cemetery. His second wife is buried in Union Cemetery,
----- above the hill from the field in which he rests alone).
McNutt, G. W., Jr. son of G.W. , b. 11 Nov. 1867(2), d. 26 Jan 1893.
Martz Baby
Merritt, Martha 1863-1915

Perrin, Baby, daughter of Eddie and Betty (McNutt) Perrin Nov. 1900 - Nov. 1900.
Perrin, Beulah -- b. 16 Jan., 1908, d. 19 Dec. 1945
Perrin, Carrie Mae -- b. 6 May 1886, d. 20 Feb, 1957 -- wife of Will Perrin
Perrin, Eddie -- b. 1858, d. 1911
Perrin, Janey, dau. of Will and Mae Perrin
Perrin, Oscar, 1906-1938
Perrin, Will -- b. 24 December 1882, d. 25 March 1960

Smith, Albert -- b. 14 April 1894; d. 12 July 1936
----- son of Martha P. McNutt Smith Merritt

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