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Lawrence County, Arkansas

Listed below are names and the date on which their obituary appeared in the Times Dispatch. The Times Dispatch is a weekly newspaper printed in Walnut Ridge, Lawrence, Arkansas. I have also created links to the Lawrence County cemeteries in which these individuals are buried. Those without a link were not buried in Lawrence County.

Many thanks to William Frazier for contributing the Obituary Page of the 16 January 1985 issue of The Times Dispatch.

If there is an obituary that you are interested in, please let me know. I also need to know if you can receive graphics files as attachments or if you need a text file.

The current issue of The Times Dispatch is now on-line.

ZALAKER, Robert E. "Bob" -- 11 August 2010
ZAMBRANO, Barbara Kaye Donovan -- 24 October 2012
ZIMMER, Margaret Jackson -- 26 February 2003
ZIMMERMAN, Ona Arnold -- 23 September 1998 -- Arnold Family Cemetery
ZIMMERMAN, Richard "Richie" 3 December 2003
ZIMMERMAN, Robert Clinton - 30 August 2000 -- Strangers Home Cemetery
ZOTTI, Michael A. -- 19 March 1997

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