The NCVAS is a group of aviation enthusiasts who meet regularly to share their interests through talks, demonstrations and activities. The NCVAS was founded in 1992 in Humboldt County, CA.
Dues are $20 per year.  Benefits include a monthly newsletter & a monthly lunch meeting at the Eureka Elks (lunch cost = $12.50).  The meeting is generally the first Monday of each month.  To join, come to a meeting or contact the Membership chairman at right.

President: Dan Freitas  443-8138

Membership: Vivian Zimmerman
                        (707) 445-4158

Latest Newsletter:
Copies of the NCVAS newsletter are mailed to members each month following the regular meeting.  The newsletter includes minutes of the meeting, a summary of the monthly program & any other news of interest to members.

NCVAS Meetings:
First Monday of every month at 11:45 AM,  Elks Lodge, Eureka, CA.   Lunch:  $12.50   Programs are given by veterans and others who discuss flying or other related experiences.



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