Humboldt Bay Council 440
P.O. Box 36
Eureka. CA 95502
(Chartered 15 September 1972)


About Humboldt Bay Council 440:

As our support for the sea services of the United States, we have strong ties to the United States Coast Guard, Group Humboldt Bay, to the Cutter Barracua, which is based in Eureka, and to the Naval ROTC unit at Eureka High School. We have many joint functions with these great Coast Guard people who expend an awful lot of effort rescuing people from the cold waters of the North Pacific Ocean. They are out there every day.

Members receive our monthly bulletin, the "Humboldt Bay Foghorn" that announces all of our activities.

Members are always invited to attend our monthly board meetings at 7:00 PM on the first Thursday of each month at the Veterans' Memorial Building, 10th and H Streets, in Eureka. We make our plans for future activities at these meeting and receive reports from our committee chairmen and Coast Guard commanders.

Barracuda, WPB-87301, at Woodley Island

About the National Navy League:
As a member of the Navy League, members receive the following benefits:

Seapower Magazine - the official monthly journal of the Navy League presenting a wealth of in-depth, authoritative articles on matters concerning the Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and Merchant Marine.

The Navy Leaguer - the quarterly publication designed specifically for members who want to keep up to speed on Navy League events and personalities.

Almanac of Seapower - the annual reference guide of facts, figures and photos of the ships, submarines and aircraft used by the Sea Services published each January.

Sea-Air-Space Exposition - the annual three-day event that brings together key military decision-makers, the major players in the defense industry and Navy Leaguers for a look at the latest maritime technology.

Annual Convention - for the location of the annual Navy League convention, see Seapower Magazine.

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