SCOP's Community Involvement

SCOP members conduct vehicular patrols and perform other community support activities in several areas of Humboldt County.  As funding permits, expansion of SCOP to other areas is anticipated.  Donations from businesses and individual citizens have been instrumental in the formation of the SCOP program and are essential to it's continuance.

SCOP Patrol Areas

McKinleyville - SCOP vehicles patrol McKinleyville and adjacent areas.  These patrols started in early 1996 with graduation of the first SCOP academy.

Eureka Area - Regularly scheduled patrols of Eureka  and adjacent areas began in late August 1997.

Willow Creek - SCOP started in Willow Creek in November 1997.

Garberville - SCOP started in Garberville in November 1998.

Contributions to SCOP

The depth of SCOP involvement in your community is primarily dependent upon you the individual citizen and business owner.  While the Sheriff provides patrol vehicles, SCOP relies upon donations from the community to cover all other operating and equipment costs.  Please send your contributions to Humboldt County SCOP Program at the main Sheriff's Office in Eureka.

If you have a special area of concern that you would like targeted by SCOP, or would like additional information, please call SCOP at the numbers listed on the SCOP Home Page.

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Revised: 3-10-04