Texas Instruments SR-10 and 11 calculators


Oh my how the times have changed.  When introduced, these 2 were considered the greatest thing since sliced bread!  Now you can't buy a calculator with as few features as these 2!

When I graduated from high school in 1971 and started college, my mother took me to a department store in Lubbock, TX to buy a calculator.  At that time, buying a calculator was a "big" deal because they were so new and so expensive.

Seeing as we were in Lubbock, TX where they made a lot of the calculators, we usually got the latest and greatest quicker.  The department store (Dunlaps) had just gotten in the SR-11 and had already marked it down from their price of $149.99 to $69.95.  My mother winced at the cost but decided I needed all the help I could get with college algebra.

I used that little calculator until the keys fell off quite a few years later.

The SR-10 and 11 were very similar in function with the primary difference being the inclusion of a pi key and the much smaller buttons on the 11.

Manufacturer Texas Instruments
Model 10 / 11
Operating System n/a
RAM 1 memory
Year Introduced 1971 /1972(?)
Price as introduced ($) 149.95 / 119.95

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