Osborne Executive

Manufacturer Osborne Computer Corp.
Model Executive (O-2)
Operating System CP/M+
RAM 64K (banked to 128K)
Year Introduced 1982
Price as introduced ($) $2495


With the success of the O-1, Adam Osborne turned to improving his product.  He wanted a larger screen and a power supply that wasn't quite so anemic.  The result was the Executive.  It had a 7" monitor with 80 columns of text, and 2 5.25" floppies with SSDD.    The operating system was upgraded to CP/M+ which allowed an upgrade of the memory to 128K.  It also had a standard video output port and the same solid case.  Added were a fan to help keep the insides cooler.    The particular unit I have is fully functional and has a 1Mb memory upgrade allowing for up to 16 virtual machines or a HUGE (for CP/M) RAM disk. 

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