On this page, I'll list various links I've found interesting, helpful, or just plain strange.  There's no particular order to this.  Eventually, I'll get around to organizing it a little better.

Surprisingly enough, there are quite a few computer collectors out there.  It seems this is quietly becoming a very popular hobby, and I might point out, slowly but surely becoming somewhat profitable. If you don't believe me, check out ebay under computers/vintage!

By the way, if any of these links are broken, drop me a line so I can remove it from the list.

Download.com     If you're looking for software, this should be your first stop.

Firefox  The BEST alternative to Winblows Internet Exploder there is!!!

OpenOffice.org Need a office suite, but can't afford what Micro$oft is charging?

Orson Scott Card's Home Page   A wonderful sci-fi/fantasy writer. He's the fellow who wrote "Ender's Game."

Harry Turtledove's Official Website  If you've ever wonder what the history would've been like if the South had won the Civil War, you gotta check him out!

ebay online auction   Where does he get those wonderful toys???

US Post Office Page   Need some information about mailing a package?

Dave's Rehabilitated Computer Collection

Eric Klein's Vintage Computing Forums

Another good page on the TI CC-40

Thinking about joining the military?  Check here first!

If you live in the DFW area, you HAVE to check out First and Third Saturday flea markets!

Vintage Computing Festival

Need pinouts for just about anything computer related?  Try here.

Finally, the Classic Computer Collector's Code of Conduct


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