Atari Portfolio

Manufacturer Atari
Model Portfolio
Operating System DOS ver 2.10
CPU 80C88
RAM 128K
Year Introduced 1989
Price as introduced ($) $400

Talk about a tiny DOS computer!  The Atari Portfolio, aka pofo, is very small as you can tell from this picture.  About the size of a VHS cassette, it is probably the smallest DOS computer made.

The main setback to this unit is the fact the RAM cards are NOT PCMCIA compatible!  If you want to expand the RAM or use a RAM disk, you gotta buy Atari's cards.    

Another frustrating thing about the pofo is the interfaces.  Serial and parallel ports are plugged into the right side of the computer and cannot be daisy-chained.  Say you want to print.  First you have to shutdown, attach the parallel port, start back up, print, shut down, remove the parallel port, and restart.  The reason you don't want to leave the port attached, is due to the fact it draws power from the computer and will kill the batteries in short order.

Fact is, there is still quite an active Pofo fanbase in England.  Check this link out!

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