NEC PC-8201 (Red and Silver Versions)

Manufacturer NEC
Model 8201 (Red and Silver)
Operating System Custom menu
RAM 16-96K (with RAM cart)
Year Introduced 1983-4
Price as introduced ($) $799

The red version of the 8201.  Personally, I think this is one of the prettiest machines in my collection.  Or at least the most striking!


The red, silver, and blue variants of the NEC PC-8201 were only available in Japan.  Other than the color, they are identical to the beige 8201.

So how did this way-cross Texas boy end up with a couple of these you ask?  Simple, I had a hook-up with a fellow who lives in Japan.  I sold him some stuff on ebay and we worked out a deal where he bought these on Yahoo Japan auctions, shipped them over here to me and I paid him back.  Unfortunately, I've lost contact with him, so I won't be able to acquire the ever elusive blue version, unless I can find another hook-up.

Anybody in Japan want to help me out here with a blue?  Heck, I'd even pay a commission/finder's fee!

Interestingly enough, the case isn't entirely red.  The edges are brown.  The back is entirely red tho.

The silver 8201.  It's distinctive, but not nearly as striking as the red!  Note the Japanese characters on the key caps.  While entering text, if you accidentally hit key to the right of the shift bar, things look REALLY weird for a Westerner! BASIC programs typed in while in this mode don't work for some strange reason!  Guess if I were to learn Japanese, I could make it work.


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