Manufacturer Osborne Computer and ME!
Model Super O-1
Operating System CP/M
Year Introduced n/a
Price as introduced ($) n/a


This is my first acquisition in the museum.  It is a tan case Osborne 1.  What's that you say, it looks different from the other O1 in my collection?  As a matter of fact, it is.  I've done a little tweaking on it.  When I got it, it had 2-5.25" floppy drives with a capacity of 90k capacity each and a 52 column screen.  With the addition of a couple of internal boards, the drives are now as follows:  The A drive is now a 3.5" with a capacity of 768K and both the B and C drives are DSDD 5.25".  The screen has also been modified to display up to 80 columns and also a video output. 

The drive controller board I installed is a Nuevo drive controller.  If I wanted, I could add a couple of 1.2 Mb 5.25" drives, but I want to keep the 360K drives in there for compatibility.

The video board is pure Osborne.

After I added the drives, I noticed that every time I accessed a drive, the screen would waiver a little.  I ended up shoe-horning in a 150W power supply to replace the seriously anemic 38W unit that came stock. 

I've also acquired a 300 baud (ooohhh!!!) modem that fits into the pocket under the 3.5" floppy.

The item sitting on top of the computer on the left side is a Drive C RAM disk.  Unfortunately, it doesn't play well with my 3 drive arrangement.  As the floppy drives are lettered A, B, and C, and the RAM drive wants to be C, you can see there is a bit of conflict.  Still scratching my head on how to fix that one without removing a drive.

Finally, for the purists out there, yes, I know y'all think this has significantly reduced the "collectibility" of the machine, but in a way it doesn't.  It simply shows what sort of modifications were available at the time and how they could be incorporated into the machine to expand its capability.  Well, at least all of it does except for the power supply.  That was just plain needed from the beginning!  38 watts!?!?  Come on!

And yes, I do have the other knob, just need to find it.

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