ZEOS Pocket PC

Manufacturer Zeos
Model Pocket PC
Operating System DOS 5.0
RAM 1 Mb RAM/1.5 Mb ROM
Year Introduced 1992
CPU V30 (8086 compatible)
Price as introduced ($) $595


Really a nifty little unit.  There were several versions of this computer on the market.  There was the Prolinear PS-1000, Peacock Palmtop PC, Spectrum P2000 and the Zeos.  All exactly identical except for the brand and model.  Heck, they even had the same FCC ID!  Weight is only a little over 1 pound.

Fact of the matter is, this is very similar to a weight reduced Poqet PC Plus.

640K RAM was normal RAM.  384K was reserved for a RAM disk.  Microsoft Works was installed in ROM for instant productivity.

2 PCMCIA card slots served as A and B drives.

The 2 AA batteries were rated at 10 hours.  Nicads at 2-3 hours.

The screen was standard CGA resolution.

The keyboard is a tad smallish, but you get used to it after a while.

The thing that really irks me about this genre is the special parallel and RS-232 plugs.  I know they were designed to save space, but sheesh, if you get one second hand, you can forget about ever finding the right adapter again.

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