Zenith ZFL-170/171

Manufacturer Zenith/Morrow
Model ZFL-170/171
Operating System DOS
RAM 640K
Year Introduced 1985
Price as introduced ($) ?


Zenith is one of the older names in computers.  It's also one of the most mis-understood.  The primary reason for Zenith's success in the computer industry was due to it's government contracts.  Zenith would design a computer which was fairly non-descript and turn around and sell it to the military for a ton of money and quite often the only difference between the civilian and military version would be the model number.  This particular unit is a classic example.  It's a Z-171 denoting it as a military unit.  The civilian unit was known as the Z-170.  It's another example of the "lunchbox" style of portable. 

Of course, if you're observant, you'll realize this is the same as the Morrow Pivot and the Osborne Encore!

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