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This web page will provide links to Bible Study software and Bible Study systems that are available. It is work in progress. I intend to provide a complete description for many of the programs mentioned below.

Cross Compatible

logoCross is a new data format for Bible book interchange. CROSS stands for Christian Reference Open Software Standard. It is based on XML but most documents are highly compressed and DRM controlled. I have many books that are cross compatible.

Books and tools that support this format include:

STEP Software

logo Step used to be a standard document interchange format between a number of Bible Software companies. But today this support is limited almost entirely to Parsons. I have many volumes of books that are STEP compatible.

Logos Library System

logo Logos has been replaced by the Libronix Digital Library System. This is upward compatible with the older Logos system. There is a wealth of data available for this system as well. The Logos reader supports DDE and can work with programs like Parsons that support DDE. DDE allows for data exchange thus you could have verse syncing between two, otherwise, incompatible systems.

Books and tools in this format are available from:

Acrobat Reader

logo Some products are available that can be used directly in Acrobat reader which is freely available. There are many books available in this format from sites that offer ebooks (check my Ebook page for more details. The companies that are specifically focused on Bible and Bible study books include:

Cross Wire Bible Society

cbs CrossWire is a Society dedicated to bringing the Gospel to a new generation. The major thrust of the project is a free Bible software project called SWORD. Library modules will work with any software using the SWORD engine. They have products running on a wide variety of operating systems and environments. These include:

The Cross Wire Bible Society has done extensive work to get permission to release Bibles and other copyrighted material free for non-commercial use. Be sure to honor their agreements. There is lots of material that is not available in this format due to copyright issues.


Packard Technolgies has taken popular Christian study books and made them available in MobiPocket format. This is unusual in that MobiPocket is a very popular eBook format. There are thousands of eBooks available in this format but the ones from Packard Technologies are designed to work together. This brings Bible study books to a lot of new mobile platforms including some dedicated eBook reading devices. See my eBook article for more information on this.

Other Software

Bible Software for PDA Units

Mac Programs

There are not nearly as many programs available for Apple computers but there are a few. I have listed some of them below:

Of course many of the PC programs will run on Macintosh systems with the appropriate PC/Windows emulation software.

Online Bible Study

Hardware Solutions

Generally PDAs and small laptops are used for the hardware to read Bible software when you want portability. However, e-book hardware, can also be a candidate for Bibles and other books. Franklin makes hardware devices with specific Bible support. At one time Godspeed made a special e-book reader called Godspeed eBible with Bibles and commentary preloaded. They no longer offer this product but it can occasionally be found on ebay.

Other Bible Software reviews


Generally all of the software and books mentioned above are available from the manufactures. In addition many of the programs and books mentioned above are available from Christian Tap on Software. They have a filter that lets you pick the data format standard.

Know of any more products to list? Let me know.

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