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This is a small set of sample e-books for you reading pleasure.

Doc Files

Palm Doc files are a format that can be read on Palm, PocketPC, WinCE PDA's and Windows machines with a suitable reader.

Palm Specific


The EB-1150 is a dedicated e-book reader from eBookwise that I own. For more information on this reader click the image. I have provided a book entitled "Alice in Wonderland" that you can download. It features over 40 beautiful line graphics pictures which I have reproduced to show off the capabilities of this reader. It was originally published as a hardback book in 1865. Enjoy! Also see below under Fan Fiction for another book.


Fan Fiction

Have you ever heard of Fan Fiction? Here is your chance to find out what it is all about. Some books have so many fans that they spin off a group of people writing their own novels using characters from existing books. The best examples are Star Trek and Harry Potter. I think that Harry Potter and the Seventh Horcrux by Melinaleo is the best or at least one of the best examples of this.

It was written last December long before book 7 appeared and has an entirely different spin on Harry Potter's 7th year. If you haven't yet gotten enough Harry Potter or you would like one with a little more romance (after all he's 18 now) with a great plausible story line you will like this book.

FanFiction writers like feedback so tell her how you liked the book on her web site. http://melindaleo.com/.

I have versions for the EB1150 and MobiPocket. MobiPocket reading programs can be downloaded free at their web site for a wide variety of platforms. If you can't use either of these formats then you can read it on her web site.

If you have just completed the 5th movie (order of the phoenix) and would like to read an alternative for books 6 and 7 I can recommend Melinda's versions. For book 6 read Harry Potter and the power of emotion and the sequel Harry Potter and the curse of the Damned. These are both my Melindaleo and both in MobiPocket format.

Dale DePriest