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Welcome to the site covering PocketPC (Pocket PC) products that are related GPS or to Navigation. In some cases these products may also be used with WinCE palmtops. The terms "pocket pc," sometimes called ppc, and "WinCE" may be used interchangeably in this context however some products may be specific to one platform or the other. This page was originally started by David Johnson, but I have taken over the maintenance and plan to expanded it significantly, as I get time, to include a full collection of available products, tips and hints to best use the hardware and the software, and reviews of selected products. I also have a page devoted to Palm units running Palm OS and a General GPS Page.

Table of Contents for Pocket PC.

Mapping programs for gps use come in two flavors. There are programs that support raster, also known as bitmap, maps and programs that support vector maps. Please see my article on Map display formats for more information on this topic. There are even programs that can support both types of maps.

Note that the mapping products listed in the first two sections generally all support GPS but may also be quite useful without a gps attached. In the first listing I have collected those mapping products that support autorouting on the unit and voice guidance. These are generally road and street map products but some have support for other kinds of maps as well. The second table of mapping products includes collections of mapping programs that support road, topo, marine, and in some cases aviation maps. Aviation focused products are shown below under GPS Aviation unless they support also general use maps. In some cases the second table includes products where mapping or navigation are not the main purpose of the program.

Moving Map with Voice Guidance

Reference Description
  • TeleType GPS
    Raster and vector mapping program
  • (commercial - demo available) For Windows CE/95/NT/XP. The same maps are used on the ppc and windows. Latest version had automatic route generation on the unit. There is a review of this product. Other support features are ability to interact with third party programs, Attachment of photos to waypoints, UTM grid support, waypoint icons, MapPaint program (part #3065) allowing you to make freehand drawings and notations on TeleType maps, Easy export of maps from desktop computer to handheld computer and Marine Map enabler (#9096) for Maptech marine charts.
  • Tom Tom
  • TomTom Navigator 2.2 is a door to door routing product with 3D displays and voice prompts. It is available for Europe and the USA. It uses TeleAtlas maps. There is a review available for this product.

    TomTom RoutePlanner is a sophisticated Road Map and Route Planning application for European countries and American states. It can display the major road networks on many different scales, and show you the best way to get from A to B. It is fast, easy to use, and makes full use of the features on your Windows CE device. You can even attach a Global Positioning System, which will track your position on the map.

    Other Tom Tom products include Maps-on-Line, and CityMaps. These are similar to the above with differing map content, and Navigator includes gps hardware. These products are for Europe only.

  • Mapopolis
    They are no longer selling this product.
  • A database full of maps for the entire USA and some provinces in Canada. They also have maps for western Europe. They have a database of business locations as well using navtech maps. Some of the maps are really large approaching one meg or larger. Most are full counties. They have removeable storage support and turn by turn routing in the platinum and Navigator version. The Navigator provides voice prompts. Most versions have gps support. They do have miniamal aviation support. Some free demo tiger maps at the basic level are available. There is a review of this product. They are no longer selling this product although current subscriptions are being honored.
  • Destinator GPS
    USA and Europe
  • An autorouting system with Navtech maps. Can be purchased with an integrated gps hardware box but this hardware will only work with this software. Check the site for ppc models that are supported. A separate software product is also available that will work with any gps using NMEA. Supports turn by turn voice instructions and automatic route calculation.
  • PocketMap
  • Mapping, Navigation, and City guide products. The navigation product called PocketMap Navigator features voice prompts for door to door autorouting. City guide features more than 1 million poi's with searching and the ability to add your own via an optional plugin. They also have bundle with hardware gps units. This product is from Space Machine.
  • Ostia
  • PocketPC Navigator software from Pharos with voice prompts and turn by turn navigation.
  • TravRoute CoPilot
  • Pocket Copilot includes a gps receiver and offers voice navigation. Automatic routing with street level coverage for the Continental USA.
  • SmartST
    for Navman gps
  • Navman now supplies SmartST (Smart Street) software with their hardware product. This is a turn by turn automatic routing software with voice guidance. Versions are offered for Europe and the USA and only support the Navman gps. A review of this product is available. Note that the software will only work with Navman products.
  • Deluo Electronics
  • Deluo has now packaged there products with Microsoft Pocket Streets and Trips. They also have Bluetooth logging software and units.

    Deluo Routis was last released as the 2004 version. It utilizes NavTech maps with verbal turn-by-turn directions to deliver you to your destination intelligently. Simply punch in your destination and Routis figures out the rest. There is a review of this product. The 2004 version includes both a pocketpc product and a pc product. I have continued to include this product description as it is indicative of the Intellinav and IGuidance products listed below.

  • Intellinav
  • Intellinav, a Netropa company, utilizes NavTech maps with verbal turn-by-turn directions to deliver you to your destination intelligently. They do not sell retail but are integrated into other products. This is the engine behind the Deluo Routis product. There is a review of the Routis product. Another similar product from Netropa is PrymeNav.
  • Inav IGuidance
  • The iNav Corp licenses the Netropa product as well and carries on the where the Routis product left off. The new 2.1 version includes many significant upgrades including water and land features on the maps. These were not in the earlier Deluo product. Their product includes a pc and pocket pc version. IGuidance is available from a number of different sources. Check their web site for a list of resellers. The Routis review is generally applicable to this product.
  • Arkon
  • Arkon is most known for their vehicle mounts but they now have their own MobiNavigator product. This is another licensed product from Netropa. It is available with or without GPS hardware and they have both a USA and a European version. They include a vehicle cradle with the product.
  • IpaqNavigation
  • A Navigations system direct from iPAQ (HP). The product comes from Team Warrior. (see below) The product is only available with the included GPS jacket.
  • TeamWarrior
  • A voice navigation system that features installation via a compact flash card that installs in the hardware sleeve for iPAQ. A bundled product is LiveWire Traffic that retrieves traffic reports in the UK via wireless connection.
  • Kane Gear
  • a 3D/2D map program called "Car Pilot" optimized for the UK but there are maps for all of western Europe available.
  • Alturion
  • A detailed street level product for Europe. It uses Tele-Atlas maps. Versions of PocketPC and Laptop. An API is available to design your own application using their GPS engine.
  • Via Michelin
    MapSonic (GPS)
  • Maps of Europe. MapSonic has GPS support. MapSonic, the navigation and map display software product, transforms your PDA into a genuine on-board navigation system. It has a voice guidance system. MapSonic is now available for Europe, covering over 100,000 towns in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland. POI's are included as is a pc based program suitable for laptops or desktop.
  • Garmin
    cfQue 1620
  • A Garmin CF based GPS with the Que software pioneered on the Palm platform. This product is only available as a bundle of hardware and software. This is a full featured voice guidance system with door to door routing. Uses Garmin City Select maps which are available for many areas of the world with extensive POI support. Can also use any of Garmin's extensive map sets. A PC mapping program is included.

    There is also a version that includes a Bluetooth GPS, GPS-10, and a version that includes the PDA itself, the M5. There are reviews of the cfQue and M5 available.

  • On Course Navigator
  • Features voice activated commands, full support of 2003SE including VGA and rotated pages. Tour planning features. User interface can be customized. Software powered by Navigon (Germany).
  • Agis Navigator
  • A product from Agis that features maps from Singapore and Malaysia. They are planning more maps for the Asia Pacific area. Agis Navigator provides vector Maps, GIS POI and directory lookup, navigation features, and tracking features via a cellphone if desired. They also have GIS products for tourists.
  • Mobile Crossing WayPoint
  • This product is only available with the Mobile Crossing Pocket PC hardware unit. It is built into the ROM along with the operating system. It provides full autorouting and door to door instructions using the Mapopolis routing engine. However, the product user features are quite a bit different from Mapopolis. One of the goals of this system is to provide a Navigation solution that does not need to be connected to a pc. See Review of this product.
  • CoPilot Live
  • CoPilot Live from ALK Technologies offers Pocket PC, Smart phone, and PC/Tablet PC solutions for voice guided navigation. They can also do tracking.
  • PrymeNAV
  • North America Edition. Rebadged iGuidance (Navigon). This is used on thhe Medion PDA.
  • Dell Navigation System
  • Available only with hardware
  • HP iPAQ Navigation System
  • Available only with hardware. This is a rebadged iguidance package.
  • Belkin GPS
  • Available only with hardware
  • Smart2Go
  • This product is from a German company, Gate5. They feature door to door routing with TeleAtlas maps. Plugins are available to add advanced POI features for various cites. Check Gate5-guides for more details on this feature.
  • Odyssey Mobile
  • Odyssey Mobile from Infogation Corporation is another Navigation application. It will run on Pocket PC devices and winCE 5.0 although they do not mention this on the site. It differs in that it only support landscape mode so the PDA must be lying on its side for this application. It requires a PDA that can switch to landscape mode. They have a free 3 Day trial.
  • Google Navigator used Google maps and local naviation software to provide a complete solution. You can choose between arial maps and road maps or a hybrid display. Once you have downloaded the maps they can be used locally without an Internet connection. Coverage is world wide. Track Logs created can be viewed on Google Earth using a PC. This is for Windows Mobile 5 and Windows Mobile 6 devices.

    Moving Map

    Moving Map programs have a wide application in Navigation beyond automatic routing with voice guidance in a vehicle. The needs of hikers, marine users, aviation users and others have distinct requirements and features that are better met with a different class of program. In addition some vehicle needs require maps that are not available in a form needed by autorouting programs or may need less expensive maps or even free. This section covers those needs.

    Reference Description
  • Microsoft Pocket Streets
    Vector Maps
  • This product can be purchased separately but it is included with Steets and Trips and probably the other ones listed below. Upgrades and maps can be downloaded from the web site. Maps can also be obtained from MapPoint 2005, Streets and Trips 2005, and Autoroute 2005.
  • Delorme SA Handheld 2006
    Vector and Raster maps
  • Street Atlas handheld provides support for US street level maps and can route on the PDA. It also supports the Delorme topo 6.0 product to add topo maps to a ppc. ARM, SH3 are supported, Mips available. Requires WinCE 3.0 or Pocket PC 2002.
  • Topo Sync
    Raster Topo maps
    of the US.
  • This program supports a gps interface and contains the complete topo maps of the US in raster form. This is based on the National Geographic Atlas. In addition it supports the Topo state series to provide 1:100K through 1:24K USGS maps for you palm. Multiple scales of an area can be downloaded simultaneously providing zoom capabilities.
  • GPS
  • Gps mapping program for bitmap maps by Hans Scholten. This program displays your position on a bitmap map that you supply. It is unique in that the same source code works with both winCE and Palm by the use of a WABA  runtime package. The program source is a kind of Java like language. You need to have a copy of waba installed plus the package from Hans. Note that Waba is in beta form so expect to re-link with each waba release. 
  • Anywhere Map
  • Designed and refined by experienced pilots, it combines the important features of an advanced color moving map, terrain avoidance and flight management system, flight planner, airport guidebook, flight calculator, clearance recorder, and copilot, into an amazingly compact and easy to use package. From controlvision.
  • WinGpsCE
    Stentec Software
  • From the maker of WinGPS / WinGPSPro.  This software is now commercial. 
  • Geo Millennium System RoadPilot
  • (commercial) FleetCOM 100 for corporate and Road Pilot 2 for consumers. Road Pilot features custom modules for differing user needs. Maps of Singapore.
  • OziExplorerCE
  • A WinCE version of Ozi Explorer complements the functionality of the pc version and provides real time position display on raster maps. OziExplorerCE runs on a Windows CE device but it relies on map calibrations etc to be provided by the full PC version of OziExplorer, in this respect OziExplorerCE can be considered an add-on to the full Oziexplorer software, you also need the full OziExplorer to calibrate maps, plan trips by adding waypoints etc. It support NMEA and has features to support Garmin, Magellan, and Lowrance units directly.

    There is an oziapi available that permits interacting with Oziexplorer with another program. One such program is NetGPS. This program will transmits your current position in realtime to a remote copy of Ozi assuming you have a wireless connection to your PDA.

  • Handmap
  • Map viewing software with optional GPS support. There is a free version which displays US maps which must be purchased.  There are also "Deluxe" and "Pro" versions which have can display 3rd party maps. The "Pro" version supports GPS input.
  • MapTech
    (Topo, Aero, Nautical)
  • Maptech Pocket Navigator - GPS Ready - Software for the Outdoors Topographic Maps and Nautical Charts in Your Handheld Pocket PC.

    With Maptech's new Pocket Navigator software you have the key to outdoor adventures in your hand. Now hikers, fishermen, hunters, boaters, sailors, and pilots can transfer genuine USGS topographic maps and NOAA Aviation or Marine charts to their handheld Pocket PC. The next step in fun-filled outdoor navigation - be truly mobile, with the best cartography at your fingertips - be a "Pocket Navigator." There is a review of this product.

  • Memory Map
    Marine, Land
  • This is a pc product plus Pocket Navigator. It can use maps from MapTech as well as non-Maptech cartography (DRGs, Softchart, self-scanned, etc). They have topo, marine, and street/road level maps for the UK and parts of Europe. The 4.0 release now supports 3D rendering of map data. A demo version is available. See above, under Maptech, for a review.

    A new professional version offers import/export of ESRI shape files.

  • NavSim
    Marine, Topo
  • Map Cruiser PE (pocket edition) is a map viewing and map management software program for the outdoor enthusiests, hikers, bikers, boaters, hunters, anglers, prospectors, etc. There are separate products for the PC and the Pocket PC.
  • LocBrowser
    raster maps
  • A program that provides raster map support, real time display, and will have location (waypoint) management and exchange tools. Currently in beta.
  • StreetFinder
  • StreetFinder from Rand McNally is now available for PocketPC's in a program called MapShots. A trial version is available for download. Maps are downloadable directly from the web site.
  • Fugawi
    Mapping plus waypoints
    tracks and routes.
  • Fugawi is a full featured PC program that supports primarily raster maps but does include full map databases in selected areas such as the US. They have recently added the ability to select map areas from their pc product and download these maps to the pocket pc with full gps navigation support. Their products includes maps for US, Canada, and European cutomers.
  • Garmap
    or, english page at
  • Freeware. WinCE 95 moving map software with Garmin upload/download. Works in Garmin or NMEA mode. In NMEA mode it can work with NMEA mon shown below. Documentation in Japanese, but user interface is in English (Win 95 version. It should work well under Japanese WinCE 2.0 or 1.0 or English WinCE 2.0. The download page is here.  The new english pages include instructions for map calibration.
  • NavSoft
    Aviation, Marine
  • NavTech Software (Not to be confused with NavTech maps) provides EFISce, a moving map and flight planning package where you scan in your own maps. And iPlotter which is a similar product aimed at marine users.
  • GPS Easy
    Raster Maps
  • This is a shareware program that provides realtime tracking and tracklogs for user supplied Raster bitmaps. It supports Windows bitmap files up to 256 color. Can provide voice distance to destination information and velocity.
  • Vito-Tech
  • Vito-Tech makes several gps products. Smart Map can work with shape files and comes with a pc based map manager. A second product is Vito Navigator which provides basic gps functions. They also have an astronomy program with GPS capablities called Vito AstroNavigator.
  • MapViewer
    11 thousand cites
    around the world
  • Mapviewer from SWI is a city map display and travelling route calculation software for PocketPC. It features unprecedented precision. In fact, with more than 20 zoom levels, it allows you to follow the outline of streets as accurately as reality. In addition, It displays traffic directions. On the other hand, its path calculating engine provides you at any moment with the shortest path between a departure point and an arrival point. Features TeleAtlas maps which now own etak. The new release has maps being usable on the pc side.

    The product includes two types of maps. Full detail that supports routing plus less detailed maps that do not but are considerably smaller. Current products are of Europe and seem to be language specific. French, English, German and Italian are covered. A new Turn by Turn product called MapSonic will soon be available. View the French language version for details.

  • GPSDash
    Scanned maps
  • GPS Dash is a shareware program that provides a dashboard like display for gps data. It also can provide map support for user supplied scanned map images and will collect NMEA data logs that can be played back.
  • GSpot
    Scanned maps
  • GSpot is a program that provides a gps style display with support for scanned maps. It has a unique 3D satellite display. Waypoints and simple goto navigation is supported. Both a PC and a PocketPC version is supplied and they work identically.
    Coverage for GB
    Download maps on demand, street level coverage for GB, alerts to accident and speed camera locations. Has local entertainment listings. Maps of Europe are planned using Navtech maps.
    GPS Ideas A program that supports user scanned maps with navigation capability. It can produce a tracklog. Note that GPS Idea and Follow Me (described below) can share data.
    Raster maps
    Support for user defined, scanned maps for all kinds of uses. PathAway supports large maps with a caching algorithm.
  • Pocket Map Viewer
    Uses Garmin compatible maps
  • This product is capable of viewing Garmin compatible maps so long as they are not locked. It is most useful with home brew and third party maps made with gpsmapper.
  • Matlas Tech
  • Matlas Tech offers a variety of products and focuses on the Pacific rim but includes products for most of the world. These include Leadstar, PapaGo, KingMap, MapKing, and HandyMap. They have maps for areas that no one else has. MapKing has english road names on maps of China. PapaGo! has maps and navigation for USA and Europe using TeleAtlas maps. Singapore, South Africa, and other areas are covered. The main technology is provided by Maction.
  • RoadMap
  • Freeware maps with GPS support in the USA. Uses Tiger maps. Available for Pocket PC, Unix, and Linux.
  • Tracky
  • Tracky from "Track this out" is a navigation unitlity for many outdoor activitties. Get insight in your current situation by means of a large compass, a speed, altitude, slope and even a G-force meter. Store the location of your favorite Points Of Interest (POIs). Compute the distance to your POIs and know how to return to them. See the track you are traveling, you travelled before, and/or downloaded from internet. Use maps from e.g. Google Earth or TerraExplorer to further enhance your view. Analyze your tracks with several graphs and export this data to MS Excel. Convert any location seamless to the many supported Grids, Zones, and/or Datums for cartographic purposes.
  • Navio
  • Navio from tinystocks provides GPS information on your PPC or Windows SmartPhone device. It does support raster scanned maps.
  • Via Virtual Earth
  • Virtual Earth Mobile (VEM) is an application for Pocket PC 2003, Smartphone 2003, and Windows Mobile 5.0 devices that displays maps and satellite photography, and locates businesses by name or category within a geographical area. The data is downloaded from the MSN Virtual Earth servers that power Unlike many other mapping programs, the map data is not preloaded onto the device; it is downloaded on demand. The disadvanatge to this is that an internet connection is required. The advantage is that you do not need to decide what maps to preload, and you need very little storage space. VEM will cache map data as you view it, which improves performance, and allows you to view cached maps when you do not have an internet connection. GPS support is only for WM5.0 devices.
  • GPSMap-OS
  • GPSMap-OS is a small freeware Pocket PC application that reads Global Positioning System information from NMEA-compatible receivers and plots current and historical position over user-supplied map images in British OSGB format (as used for most maps published by the Ordnance Survey in the UK).
  • GPSS for PPC
  • GPSS uses raster maps and has been available for a long time on PC platforms. This is a Beta version for Pocket PC devices. Note that this software supports voice prompts but not autorouting.
  • Mapwelt
  • A moving map program for pocketpc's and smartphones using Windows Mobile. Currently in Alpha release. It supports waypoints, tracks, and routes in GPX format. The maps can be Jpg, gif, or tif. This program is written in tcl/tk and will also run in windows and linux. It can also use images saved from Google Earth in .kml files.
  • Terracrosser
  • A moving map program for pocketpc's and smartphones using Windows Mobile version 6. It works with Google or Yahoo maps. It is a free program and requires .net framework 3.5.

    GPS Device Specific

    Note that some of the mapping programs described above in the mapping section can also work in Garmin mode for upload or dowload of waypoints/routes/tracks and for real time tracking. Memory-Map can also work with Magellan products for upload/download.

    SiRF chipsets also have some specific binary features. See the section below on SiRF for programs that can take advantage of this mode.

    Reference Description
  • Garmin
    cfQue 1620
  • A Garmin CF based GPS with the Que software pioneered on the Palm platform. This product is only available as a bundle of hardware and software. This is a full featured voice guidance system with door to door routing. Uses Garmin City Select maps which are available for many areas of the world with extensive POI support. Can also use any of Garmin's extensive map sets. A PC mapping program is included. This product only works in Garmin mode.
  • TeleType
    Garmin Converter
  • Commercial. Transfer waypoints to and from the Garmin GPS receiver. Upload TeleType GPS waypoints to the Garmin and download Garmin waypoints into the TeleType GPS program. Supports Windows 9x/NT/CE
  • G7toCE
    Garmin, Magellan, Lowrance
  • A program based on the very successful g7toWin product. This is the swiss army knife of GPS waypoint maintenance. Upload/download waypoints/routes/tracks to Garmin, Magellan, or Lowrance receivers. Create and exchange data with Fugawi, Ozi, Delorme. Freeware.
  • US Positioning
  • Their Rhino product is able to collect pseudorange data and carrier phase data from Garmin receivers hooked to a pockepc for post processing to achieve sub-meter position accuracy.
  • GPS Developer
  • The LinksPoint GPS Toolkit is an Application Program Interface (API) designed to simplify communications between a GPS receiver and its host, typically a PocketPC or Palm OS based handheld computer. The toolkit handles messages from most popular GPS protocols, including NMEA, Sirf, Rockwell, JRC and others.
  • SmartST
    for Navman gps
  • Navman now supplies SmartST (Smart Street) software with their hardware product. This is a turn by turn automatic routing software with voice guidance. Versions are offered for Europe and the USA and only support the Navman gps. A review of this product is available. Note that the software will only work with Navman products.
  • CompeGPS Pocket
  • CompePocket can provide realtime tracking on the map of your choice. CompePocket can open vector maps (MPV) and raster maps (.IMP or .MAP), with image maps of type .BMP or .ECW. CompeGPS Pocket Land/Air can open maps, tracks, routes and waypoints, like the PC version program. It can also download tracks and waypoints from the GPS. CompeGPS Pocket Land/Air can open two maps at the same time.
  • GPSAssist
  • This program is specifically for TomTom Navigator and adds functionality to that product. It specifically adds a lot of POI functionality and some further automatic of TomTom functions.
  • U-Blox
  • U-center mobile is the ideal tool to evaluate u-blox GPS technology, GPS products and AssistNow(tm) A-GPS in the field, particularly with GPS integrated in mobile devices and consumer products. Running on Windows Mobile (Pocket PC) based PDAs. There is also a PC version of this program.

    SiRF specific features

    SiRF chipsets are used in a wide variety of GPS devices include most of the Bluetooth models. They have a standard NMEA mode but can also be switched to a binary mode that can do things that cannot be done in NMEA mode. For example, forcing a cold start or setting WAAS mode. In addition they have extra NMEA control sentences that are unique to these devices. The table below includes products that can take advantage of some or all of these features. These programs may also be useful for standard NMEA mode or other devices as well.

    Some programs mentioned above can also be used in SiRF mode such as Memory-Map Navigator. Note that programs that place the SiRF chipset in SiRF mode can effectively disable it from being used on programs that expect NMEA mode. A device that is no longer working may, in fact, be switched to SiRF mode. You may be able to recover the device by switching it back. Note that SiRF mode usually uses a b/s rate of 38,400.

    Reference Description
  • Leadtek Research Inc.
  • WinFast Navigator CE from Leadtek is an excellent troubleshooting tool, particularly for the SiRF chipset. View the development screen to see the NMEA messages or the Signal level screen for gps status. Be careful since you could make the gps fail to work with some programs by manipulating data with this utility.
  • SiRF Demo
  • SiRF Demo from SiRF themselves provides a wide range of control for SiRF devices using SiRF mode and NMEA mode. They have a version for the Pocket PC and a more complete control version for the PC.
  • SiRF GPS tweaker
  • This is a program with NMEA mode and a few SiRF features. The author is planning to expand the SiRF support. Note that this program can also read navigation NMEA messages making it suitable as a remote display for stand alone GPS devices executing Route navigation.
  • US GlobalSat
  • US GlobalSat makes many devices using SiRF chipsets and has released a program called GPS Info that can force Cold Starts and set WAAS in SiRF mode and well as adding the optional VTG NMEA sentence. It runs on PPC devices and PC's. They also have a test program for Mac Computers. The program is available here.
  • CE Monitor.
  • CE monitor is another useful utility to control the SiRF chipset in SiRF mode while providing typical GPS data display. Note that CE Monitor is the new name for LeadTeks program.
  • Bluetooh Crux View CE.
  • CruxView is a compact application for the PocketPC to test the BTGPS and verify its operation. It also allows you to configure certain components for SiRF devices. It can set WAAS, Power modes, verify NMEA, configure protocol, etc.

    GPS NMEA Non Mapping

    The section includes products that support gps but not traditional maps. They may support a specialized mapping use such as maps of golf courses.

    Reference Description
  • GPS Gate
  • GPSGate from Franson can multiply the available serial ports on your PPC which permits several GPS applications to share the same GPS device. It can also provide translations for Garmin USB receivers and permit sharing a GPS across a network allowing a PC and a PPC to use the same GPS. It can even simulate a GPS receiver for development purposes or provide a tracklog.
  • NMEA mon
    or, english page at
    NMEA mon
  • Freeware. NMEA monitor displays a satellite status page with graphics showing satellite strength and position. It also show text data on your position and velocity. It works with Garmap.
  • VisualGPSce
  • This is a free satellite status viewing page that can be used to log data and view results. It also has an averaging function and the ability to serve as a real time display of gps velocity data. The author also has a program called Beeline GPS which provides specific geocaching support.
  • Star Caddy
  • StarCaddy software displays a digital map of the golf course on your PDA, using GPS to give you the exact distance to the green, doglegs, sand traps, water hazards or any other course feature.
  • GPS Golf Pocket Caddie
  • Stores and displays courses, calculate distance, shot tracker, voice speaks distances, suggests clubs.
  • GolfPS
    Golf system
  • Preview detailed layout, try the course from your office. Yardage to the green, collect stock data. Build your own database of courses.
  • Arecon
    Data Logger
  • A free program called GPS Engine that is a simple data logger. It records lat/lon altitude, time, and velocity. The also have a navigation calculator intended for flying use.
  • AVL Plus
  • The linkspoint automatic vehicle locator uses a wireless pocketpc with a gps to provide vehicle tracking plus you can take the pocketpc with you for use in the field. The AVL features a map display for the fleet back at the office.
    A java api
  • The Chaeron GPS Library (and sample programs) provides a high level Java interface to GPS (Global Position System) devices, making it easier to GPS-enable your Java applications. It is designed to be portable and will run unchanged on many platforms including Windows, PalmOS PDA's (Jump and SuperWaba VM's), Linux, Apple Macs, PocketPCs and more.
  • GPSter
  • an interactive waypoint database on the web and a client product that allows users to upload and download waypoints based on their GPS location.
  • Vito-Tech
  • Vito-Tech makes two gps products. Smart Map can work with shape files and comes with a pc based map manager. The second product is Vito Navigator which provides basic gps functions.
  • Sentry-soft
  • Sentry-soft is a product that resides on the today screen. It offers a quick reference for GPS receivers with a full set of GPS display screens that can be rotated on the page. This is a good tool to establish an initial connection to make sure your GPS is working properly.
  • Follow Me
  • A program that provides the functionality of a standalone GPS receiver that does not support maps. Supports points and tracklogs for navigation. Can share data with GPS Idea (above).
  • Pocket Tracker
  • Use your Pocket PC and cellphone to track your location on the web. Anyone with your account data can track your movement.
  • GPS data Logger
  • Geoaps makes a few dataloggers for PPC devices. The logged data can be imported into Google Earth and other applications.
  • GPS Cookie
    A2B technology
  • GPS cookie uses A2B technology from Tinystocks to locate the nearest web site from your current GPS position. For more information see A2B. Many of these sites are hotspots for wireless internet connections as well.
  • Navideo

  • tracking
  • Navideo is a multi-purpose software for your PDA or PC that connects navigation with mobile communication. Your can easily send your GPS location to others (PCs, PDA's, etc.) and also receive or request to receive their location. It's possible to send SOS messages to emergency services. Uses SMS/Email.
  • Driving Log
  • Driving Log from Concrete Software keeps track of distances traveled for busines or personal use. It all compute average speed and gas mileage. It can use an odomter or GPS. This is a subscription service that includes a web server for the data.
  • Basic 4 PPC

  • Programming software
  • There are lots of programming products available for Pocket PC devices but I included this one because it has specific GPS support to ease the task of using your GPS in a program. You can design a custom application in Basic to do exactly what you want. They have a working open source same called GPS4PPC that can be used as is or as a starting point for your own applications. It can do coordinate conversion, distance calculation, basic compass display.
  • GAPI for Windows CE
  • This is the Direct X for Windows CE. Allows you to use Pocket PC software like media players, games, and emualtors on your Handheld PC or GPS navigation system. Binary and sourcecode are compatible to the Pocket PC version from Microsoft. More than 150 devices are supported. This API is free.
  • TrafCam
  • A GPS speed warning system. It uses our own professional location database (England) to provide audible and visual warning as a camera is approaching. It can work with some navigation software including TomTom Navigator. Suitable Pocket PC and GPS receiver, PC with Internet connection to download and install.
    speed sensor
  • • Tchartdev makes two GPS products. GPS speed sensor is designed to let you know when you have exceeded the speed limit and GPS skinner is a tool to let you design your own GPS display.

    GPS Aviation

    There are several products already described that have aviation support. So a search on aviation to find them. In addition there are some products that are specific to aviation. These products are listed here. Some support maps but these maps are specific to aviation use and thus they are not listed in the mapping section.

    Reference Description
  • NavSoft
    Aviation, Marine
  • NavTech Software (Not to be confused with NavTech maps) provides EFISce, a moving map and flight planning package where you scan in your own maps. And iPlotter which is a similar product aimed at marine users.
  • Flitesoft Express
  • A planning and moving map program for aviators. Includes support for ifr and vfr, aircraft data, flight log, more.
  • PC Avionics
  • Moving terrain map called MountainScope with color coded saftey zones based on gps altitude. Also include aviation database that provide aeronautical chart like overlays. There is a review of this product.
  • NavGPS
    Aviation Navigation
  • Focus on Aviation products and also has a hardware Gyro Module available for IPAQ units. Has a world wide avigation database for all models with a focus on USA database for the Pro models.
  • Soaring Programs
  • Several programs of use to the Glider Soaring community including a WinCE based data logger that supports the IGC standard. It can also display a flight review. These are free programs.
  • MapTech
    (Topo, Aero, Nautical)
  • Maptech Pocket Navigator - GPS Ready - Software for the Outdoors Topographic Maps and Nautical Charts in Your Handheld Pocket PC.

    With Maptech's new Pocket Navigator software you have the key to outdoor adventures in your hand. Now hikers, fishermen, hunters, boaters, sailors, and pilots can transfer genuine USGS topographic maps and NOAA Aviation or Marine charts to their handheld Pocket PC. The next step in fun-filled outdoor navigation - be truly mobile, with the best cartography at your fingertips - be a "Pocket Navigator." There is a review of this product.

  • The Navair product features richly featured map with clear terrain detail, distance sensitive displays, flight plan functionality, multiple pilot and plan profiles. Flight and navigation status details are provided on transparent overlays and even menus are translucent so you can see the map underneath. They also have a realtime weather product.
  • Pocket FMS
  • This is a free flight planning and moving map display for private pilots. The sofware is free but donations are encouraged. Works on pocketpc and pc. Includes world navigation database.
  • Anywhere Map
  • Combines the important features of an advanced color moving map, terrain avoidance and flight management system, flight planner, airport guidebook, flight calculator, clearance recorder, and copilot.
  • Plane and Pilot Magazine
  • Here is a place to vote for your favorite aviation software and perhaps find one you hadn't noticed before.
  • Pocket-Nav
  • Not to be confused with pocket Navigator, the PocketNav product is the software solution for glider pilots from Cambridge Aero Instruments. This can be an add-on to their GPS-Nav product (a secure flight data recorder). They also support Glide Navigator II.
  • CompeGPS Pocket
  • CompePocket can provide realtime tracking on the map of your choice. CompePocket can open vector maps (MPV) and raster maps (.IMP or .MAP), with image maps of type .BMP or .ECW. CompeGPS Pocket Land/Air can open maps, tracks, routes and waypoints, like the PC version program. It can also download tracks and waypoints from the GPS. CompeGPS Pocket Land/Air can open two maps at the same time.
  • Approach Systems
  • Approach Systems specializes in Approach Plates software. They also have moving map sofware and realtime weather addons. The products run on PPC hardware running Windows Mobile as well as tablet PC's using XP or Vista. The map software is free.

    GIS GPS software

    Geographic Information Systems is a grouping of applications for GPS that are not, strictly speaking, navigation. The programs featured in the section provide GPS support for a wide variety of uses. The products may be able to be used in Navigation as well but this is not the primary purpose. They may or may not have mapping support but when they do it is generally not intended for navigation. Programs listed in previous sections may also have GIS applications as well so be sure and check there. In particular the moving map, NMEA non-mapping, and GPS specific sections may be of particular use to a GIS application.

    Reference Description
  • Cyber Tracker
  • With CyberTracker software, scientists and other field workers can create their own data entry template, or screen sequence, and use it on a Windows Mobile PocketPC or PalmOS handheld computer to gather and map an unlimited amount of data. CyberTracker's unique design allows users to display icons, text or both, which makes data collection faster. It also allows field data collection by non-literate users and school children.
  • Pocket Systems Ltd.
  • PocketGIS is a low cost, yet powerful, Geographical Information System (GIS) for field data capture which can display and edit map geometry and attributes. PocketGIS brings real GIS functionality to highly portable Windows® CE devices 
  • ArcPad
    Esri GIS and
    mapping system.
  • ArcPad supports industry-standard vector and raster image display. Data can be provided from the Internet via wireless technology. ArcPad includes a number of map navigation tools including zoom and pan, spatial bookmarks, and center on the current GPS position. You can Query your data--Identify features, display hyperlinks, and locate features. You can measure distance, area, and bearings on your ArcPad map. You can Navigate with your GPS--Connect a GPS and let ArcPad guide you. You can Edit your data--Create and edit spatial data using input from the mouse pointer, pen, or GPS. Include ArcPad in your GIS solution--Extract, convert, and project your existing data using ArcGIS Desktop or ArcView 3.x. A download trial version is available.
  • GPS Tuner
  • GPS Tuner is a high precision measurement tool for Pocket PC. The program delivers more accurate positions (even two or thee times better) than your GPS device can. All that is due to the AVERAGING Software Solution.

    Map handling (zoomable), Digital Compass, Tracklog, Waypoint Manager help your trips! Runs on PPC2002 and 2003, uses .NET technology.

  • GeoAge FAST
    Field Adapted Survey Toolkit
  • GeoAge sells PDA hardware and software, but this alone would not qualify them to be in this list. However, they also make a system called FAST (Field Adapted Survey Toolkit) which provides a field data acquistion system. This system is part of a full solution offering of the company that is aimed at Environmental Studies, Inspections and Audits, Emergency Response Systems, Research and marketing, and Field Service Automation. Their solutions can also include Location Tracking but mainly features Field Data Collection with Mapping support.
  • FieldMap
  • FieldMap from mobicomp is a java based tool that shows maps and permit gathering Field Data that is gis oriented. It can attach notes to points or polylines. Both vector and raster map support is planned.
  • SingulArch
  • This product is a full GIS system for field data collection. It is designed for Archaeologists but is likely useful for anyone doing field data collection. It is in the mapping section becausing it also contains a CAD tool useful for creating maps. It supports DXF format.
  • GPS Webber
  • A GPS savy journal / diary. Generate plot on a map or blank canvas. You supply notes to record your journey. You can also use if for route planning.
  • Pocket Terra
    Field Data collection
  • .NET framework for Mapping and GPS Field Data collection. Uses topo or aerial photos from the Microsoft TerraServer. A frame work with no royalties for VB or C programming. Works with your own SQL server for Data analysis. The demo can be used as a GPS mapping program using TerraServer maps.
  • GPS Mapping / Data Acquisition / Soil Sampling 
  • (commercial - demo available) For Windows CE/95/98/NT
  • Farm Works
    gps tools for
  • "Farm Site Mate" can be used for site specific mapping, scouting, soil sampling and variable rate control. Site Mate allows you to easily create maps of field boundaries, weed areas, tile lines, spray paths, soil sample locations, or anything else you may need. Optional modules for scouting and sampling and for variable rate control.
  • Field Data
  • This is a solution product that combines field data collection software with a Symbol PDA and linkspoint gps hardware. Includes server platform offering desktop menu configuration and data management software, plus handheld client software that provides integrated GPS location capture and barcode scanning.
  • Anywhere WX
  • Weather system display using gps and cell-phone technolody to provide up to the minute radar weather data from Nexrad images. From controlvision
  • PocketGIS
  • This is not a map display program but rather a map making program. It is a GIS field system to produce maps or other field collection tasks related to GIS.
  • FieldNote
  • Click on software. The is a waba based application that can be used to take notes in the field.
  • GeoAps
  • GeoAps has several products for Pocket PC. A datalogger for gps data acquisition, a motion activated data logger that is intended to operate in background while you do other things, and S-Calc, a survey calculation tool.
  • Pocket Creations
  • A gps tool that lets you design your own application and capture the kind of data you are interested in. No programming required.
  • Pointsync
    Mobile Data Force
  • An application builder to create relational databases for field data collection. The handheld version supports GPS data to collect location data. The also support barcode readers, RFID, and cameras. WinCE, Pocket PC, and Windows Smartphones can be used.
    area - port splitter
  • GPS Meter has two products. The GPSMeter PDA will calculate area for an arbitrary closed area. To make the area calculation more accurate the program allows you to average GPS positions. Shapes based on the perimeter can be exported as Shape, DXF, or Google KML file. It can also calculate distance and do simple navigation to a point. The second product is a port splitter that will permit you to use a GPS device with two different programs simulaneously.

    GIS mapping programs (no GPS)

    Reference Description
  • MapsGo
    MapsGo english
  • A free GIS program covering the World and some areas with more detail than the world level. There is a pc program and a pocketpc version. Includes raster maps that are also usable in g7towince or waypoint+. The pc version has GPS support and pocketpc support is coming in the future.

    Programs designed to augment GPS Positions

    These are systems designed to help a GPS in areas where GPS can't get a fix or needs improved accuracy. They may require additional hardware capability such as WiFi support. In some cases and applications they can replace a GPS completely.

    Reference Description
  • Navizon
  • The first Peer-to-Peer Wireless Positioning System that successfully blends GPS + WiFi + Cellular signals together into one accurate and powerful Mobile Geo-Location System. It can also locate nearby POI's or even your friends if they have similar systems.
  • Place Lab
  • Place Lab is software providing low-cost, easy-to-use device positioning for location-enhanced computing applications. Place Lab tries to provide positioning which works worldwide, both indoors and out.

    PC Programs with WinCE support

    Reference Description
  • GPSBabel
  • This is a free windows program that translates and stores waypoint data in a wide variety of formats thus permitting waypoint interchange. Supported formats include GPX (XML exchange format), GEO (geocaching), Magellan including the palm versions, Garmin, GPSMan, GPSUtil, Tiger, CSV (comma separted values), Delorme Xmap, MapSend (Magellan poi format), PCX5 (older Garmin format), Cetus, GPSPilot, PSP (Pocket streets and trips), MXF (Maptech), DNA (Navitrak), OZI, Holux, with more being added all the time.
  • POI edit
  • This program manages POI databases and will convert to many programs. In particular it support TomTom, SmartPath, Navman, Garmin, Desinator, Via Michlin, Navio, MioMap, GPX and others. You may need to further convert some files for PDA use using tools supplied with your software.

    Links to other GPS PDA information sites

    Reference Description
  • Tip of the Day
  • A new tip every day on GPS or PDA specific tasks or features. There is also an RSS feed for this feature
  • Pocket GPS
  • Pocket GPSA UK site covering hardware and software. Has articles, reviews, and link data.
  • GPS Passion
  • A site covering thoughts, opinions, and links for gps receivers and mapping programs on PocketPC platforms.
  • PocketNow
  • A site covering PocketPC with some reviews on gps systems.
  • GPS Practice and Fun
  • A site covering lots of topics including pocketpc.
  • POI data
  • A site containing POI databases suitable for PDA use.
  • POI databases
    in TomTom format
  • Easily converted to other formats to pc based programs
  • A British site containing GPS navigation product reviews, articles, and speed camera locations

    RSS feeds and Blogs with GPS/PDA content

    Reference Description
  • GPS Tip of the Day
  • Tips about General GPS, PDA GPS, Pocket PC, and Mobile Crossing WayPoint units.
  • Jeepx BlogSpot
  • Blog on GPS and Pocket PC's.
  • GPS Tek Reviews
  • GPS Technology Reviews Blog site. It also has a lot of advertising on the site.

    General WinCE Sites

    Includes mapping or navigation features or products available that support these topics.

    Reference Description
  • Ephemeris
  • This is a program that calculates sun and moon positions but I included it here since it can be used as a compass display as well which makes it suitable for emergency navigation assuming you can see the moon or the sun.
  • MapQuest
  • Mapquest provides downloadable maps & U.S. driving directions that are ready-to-use on WinCE; Palm devices using software from
  • Handango
  • A site containing lots of software and hardware for sale. Click on travel for gps products or search for gps.
  • A commercial web site devoted to gps products.
    Chris De Herrera's Windows CE Website Great technical information + comparisons but no gps products.
    CEcity: Software Software archive
    CEWare Software archive
    PDA Top Software for Pocket PC and many other platforms.
    Pocket PC Mag
    This is a great source of Pocket PC programs and accessories for Pocket PC Magazine. Search for GPS to find lots of GPS data.
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