2006 MS-150 PHOTOS

(Taken by Dave Wallace with a Fuji disposable camera)

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Dave meets Joe Kahn, the oldest male cyclist. See story on web page Holland Patton and Dave Saturday morning at start The Flythe Bike Shop group - Dave kneeling First cyclists across Trent River bridge Joining a paceline
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Paceline First rest stop 37 miles Back in paceline again Lunch stop at 50.6 miles Crowed lunch stop
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Ready to hit the road Charlie Gould of River Bend - Ham Radio Volunteer Accident #1 Saturday Accident #2 Saturdat Accident #3 Saturday
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Holland Patton & Dave at Sunday start Lillian Herderich - oldest cyclist at age 81 Sunday 75-mile paceline Homemade ice cream machine at Yoders Farm Supplies lunch stop Yoders lunch stop at 40 miles
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Bonnie Compton of River Bend - Volunteer at rest stop  On the road to home Sunday Exhausted but back in New Bern for finish of 175 miles of cycling