Photos taken by Dave with a cheap Fuji throwaway camera


Dave at Saturday 75-mile start

A group behind me coming across Trent River Bridge

Gatorade refill at rest stop #2 (18.7 mi)

NBCC member Jason Williamson pulling me about 10 miles to 43 mile point

NBCC members Dave Schnorenberg, Dave and John Klecker at Saturday lunch stop (50.3 mi)

NBCC member Mac Flythe and Dave at Saturday lunch stop

Whew - back in Union Point Park Saturday after 75 miles

Dave at Sunday start of 75 miles

Lost leaving New Bern on Sunday - Who's the dummy leading us that got us lost in New Bern?

Long paceline on the way to Pollocksville Sunday

NBCC members Millard Godwin on recumbent & Tim McLear 

Tim McLear and Mike Gearren pulling me to Pollocksville at 18-19 mph.

River Bend neighbor Elizabeth Brinson at Quakerneck rest stop

River Bend neighbors Mary and Ralph Iorio at Quakerneck rest stop

Lunch at US-70 rest stop listening to bluegrass band. Was going to ask if I could play the fiddle but they took a break.

12.5 miles of nothing on old US-70 - boring!

Returning to New Bern on NC 55

Back in New Bern on Sunday after 75 miles. Whew!



Mac Flythe, Dave Wallace & Millard Godwin after returning to New Bern on the Sunday 75-mile route.