The players shown below in random order are fairly regular in occasionally playing with the Pickin Group's Friday night jams, currently playing at the Rhems firehouse on US-17 south of River Bend. You'll usually see about 15 or more playing of those shown. If you play with the group and your photo is not shown, send it to davewallace@XXXsuddenlink.net (remove XXX). The purpose of the page is to help players get to know one another better. Many of the photos were taken by Henry Harms and Vencent Locklear and cropped/edited by Dave Wallace.

Dave Wallace   10/19/2015

See the Pickin webpage at http://pages.suddenlink.net/davew/pickin.htm

Persons with names in blue are deceased

Alden Harris Alden's wife -Sondra Alden's daughter Falon Debra Tyndall Jerry Boswell Velma Boswell
Dave Wallace Vencen Locklear died 2/23/17 Breck Jarman Alton Harris Evelyn Harris Dori Oney
David Miller Ann Miller Bobby King died 11/10/12 Noah Tripp Mary Tripp Seth Brinson
Jerry Scott Frank Murphy George Spang James Walker Bill Nelson Lee Nelson
Harold Sanders Jim Cason Janet Montero Clem Daugherty died 5/16/2015 Eddie Ipock Lenwood Toler
Dan Lehman Sean MacMahon Roger Johnson Tracey Miller William Steward Bob Thompson
David Knight Pete Swain died 10/22/12 Malcolm Swain Jane Hinckley David Spence Harold Cameron MD
Mike Cicirelli Dustin Brown Chris Kling Simon Spalding Wes Robinson Dan Stevens died 11/30/13
Rex Hawkins Herb Rawls Howard Rawls Mary Tingle Marty James Chuck Bensavage
David White Glen Hart Wilbur Gurganus Jane Gurganus Kelly Gurganus Bill Graham
Sonny Rouse Bo Hacker Randy Beadle Kathie Keele Roger Alvis Roger Shaw
Doug Walston Tony Rowland Dixie Gatlin Asa Gatlin Gene Antwine Patsy Quinn

Linda English John Price Olivia Miller (Ann Miller's daughter) Kent Davis Alec Bryan died 3/6/2017 Fred(Shorty)Riggs

Dean Remington Billy Grainger Marvin Walker George Jennings Bill Baker Tim Stewart
Don Hickox Jim Perry Richard Mazziotti Tommy White Edwin Foscue Bobby Powell

Dee Dricks Ted Jones Carson Custy Gary Goodwin Al Fogleman Paul (Shorty) Florian
Jeri Ballou Henry Harms Billy Edwards Barbara Jarvis Gary Richardson Warren Bryan
Bobby Medlin Tony Russell Dustin Harris Debby Davis Terri Hudson Elic Sanders
Ann & James West Steven Dentico Elbert Hughes Roger Noyes Mike Morris Chad Delph
Ed Clayton Chris Vick Drew Grice MD Neil Smith Mike Eubanks Mitch Mitchell
Jack Lewis Rocky Watts Joy Watts John Curry Ben Ipock Wanda Lashbrook
Damian Radford Mitch Harriet C.(Earl) Parsons Mike Rooney Charlie Edwards Betty Garren
AC & Violet Adams Bob Chambers David Garrish Carl Jones Tim Wiscarva Joe Pierce
Reinhold (Ron) Wind Ward Bristol Charles Evans Karen Vaughan Pegie Douglas Charlie ?
Jeffie Clark Joe (Andy) Franklin Paul Godley Scott Corey Ann Henderson Craig Cooper
Pete Lofton Benny Silence Van Allen Rice Larry Bragg Bernadette (Bernie) Commosso Dennis Haynes
Jim Amburgay Frank Rochelle Adam Rolland Sandra Mallard Kevin Blews Cathy King
Emily Whaley Adam Natusch