The Multiple Sclerosis Society MS-150 Bike Tour

Gazebo Gig - September 9, 2006

At the request of the Multiple Sclerosis Society, members of the Pickin & Grinin Group played from 6-9 PM in the Gazebo at Union Point Park on September 9th, the first day of the 2006 MS-150 Bike Tour. The park was filled with cyclists camping but most remained at the Convention Center following the buffet where a group called TrainWreck was playing. However, as the evening grew and became dark, campers returned and the Pickin Group ended up with a large and appreciative audience.

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Bobby King Howard, Roger, Jim, Sid, Breck, Vince Marty, Harold, Howard, Roger, Jim Sid, Marty, Bobby, Howard, Jim, Harold, Sean, Jerry
gazebo7.jpg (60445 bytes) gazebo8.jpg (58132 bytes) gazebo9.jpg (61103 bytes) gazebo10.jpg (58658 bytes)
Jerry, Josh, Velma, Eddie, Breck, Sid Cheering team Marty James Lousy night shot

Sorry I missed a photo of Seth Brinson and his daughter, but they are shown on the far right of the large photo at the top. We had 17 players/singers show up.

Dave Wallace 9/12/06