Multiple Sclerosis Society MS-150 Bike Tour September 13-14, 2003 In New Bern, NC

Cycling the MS-150 was lots of fun. It consisted of two 75-mile loops out of New Bern for a total of 150 miles. An optional 25-mile route was added each day to complete 100 miles that cyclists call a Century trip. Most cyclists that do the Century and lead the tour are experienced and cycle several hundred miles a  month. Most are in their 30s and 40s and ride road bikes. I chose to cycle the Century route the first day and 75 miles the second. 

The following are photos I took with a $12 Kodak disposable digital camera. I didn't take my good digital camera along for fear it would get wet, vibrate too much or perhaps be damaged in a bike crash (We did have a few).

Dave Wallace 9/21/03

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Starting line in Union Point Park in New Bern Dave waiting for start with Cannondale bike Over 900 cyclists start to gather for start Roxanne Hall of MS Society and me
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Lillian H (age 78), oldest female cyclist and Mac Flythe Flythe's Bike Shop Team Lunch stop on first day of tour Bag lunches handed out.
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Jeremy LeRay and wife Mary Ann, (NBCC members) and me at a rest stop Saturday Me, Mark Verrill and Bill Edwards (NBCC members) displaying Century patches received  Yoders farm store rest stop Sunday Mark Verrill and me eating home-made ice cream at Yoders
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Inspecting gas-driven ice cream machine at Yoders Farm Store Chow line at Yoders Sunday Back on the paceline again. One rides a paceline to make good time and use less energy by drafting Dave, oldest male cyclist (74) meets youngest male cyclist (11) at rest stop on Sunday
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Unwinding in Union Park after finishing 175 miles  Ready for home. I was so exhausted I could hardly lift my bike into the car.