2005 MS-150 PHOTOS

(Taken by Dave Wallace with a Fuji disposable camera)

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Dave at start Saturday. Susan Hamilton in yellow jersey

Mac Flythe and Millard Godwin Saturday

Greg Keys, Flythe Jr, Flythe Sr, Sharon Busch,  Dave Wallace,  Ed Busch,  Bill Sadler. Kneeling is Mary Ann LeRay, Millard Godwin

Crossing the Neuse River Saturday

Dave at rest stop Saturday

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Handicapped cyclist

Crash ahead

New Grass Gospel group at lunch stop Saturday

Ben Rauch in green jersey

Repairing bikes at rest stop

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Tom and his 6-year old prepare to ride tandem Sunday

Ready to depart Sunday

Heading up Middle Street

On the road again

A large paceline group

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Dave at rest stop #2 Sunday

Ed Busch and wife Sharon

Dave at Yoders Farm store for lunch & ice cream Sunday