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Dave and Mark Verrill at Union Point Park Milling around Saturday waiting for Start at Union Point Cyclists arriving at a rest stop Pace line developing Lunch stop Saturday at 52-mile

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Dave at 79-mile Century rest stop Saturday Arrival back in New Bern after 100 miles Saturday Milling around at the  start Sunday morning Dave again at the start at Union Point First cyclists head up Tryon Palace Street Sunday morning

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Pace line on Glenburnie moving south to Neuse Blvd. Tom and his 5-year old whizz past me There they go - the youngest cyclist in the tour Tom and his 5-year old eating homemade ice cream  Watching ice cream being made at Yoders store

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Yoders lunch stop at 41-mile (for 75) or 51-mile (for 100) Mark Verrill and Dave at Yoders Dave with a young man riding a tandem with his 8-year-old daughter