Time For Prints

Can I Really Get Free Pictures?

Free Portfolio, youíre probably wondering what is the catch.  Itís what the photography industry calls Time for Prints.  You spend your time posing for the photographer, he gives you prints in return. 

 Why does this work?  Simple, it gives both the photographer and the model a chance to build skills and develop their portfolios.  In exchange for the time and prints the model gets the rights to use her photos for self-promotion, and the photographer keeps the copyrights for the photos.

 Every photographer is different in how they do this.  What Iím offering is eight 8 x 10 prints, for every session of modeling, along with a CD of all photos taken during the session. 

 What do you need, other than your time?  Basically you need to bring your own make up and clothing.  You will need to be of legal age (18), and sign a model release form.  Give me an idea of your interests, and fill out a simple questionnaire.  Thatís it. 

 If youíre ready, or have any questions, you can contact me at 252-341-6469, or sent me an e-mail at mailto:dggphoto@suddenlink.net