Builder Friendly

Tool kit can be found in almost every modern American garage.

Manufactured with the do-it-yourself person in mind. Our included Manual and Foundation Guide will guide you or your local contractor step by step from ground preparation to adding finishing touches to your new steel truss building.

Clips for the 2x6 purlins and 2x4 girts are pre-welded at the factory to greatly cut down on your valuable erection time.

Tool Kit Required

  1. Bullet100’ Tape Measure

  2. Bullet12’ Tape Measure

  3. BulletBall Peen Hammer

  4. BulletClaw Hammer

  5. Bullet8” Screw Driver

  6. Bullet1 ½ Spud Wrench

  7. BulletDrive Ratchet

  8. Bullet15/16” Drive Socket

  9. Bullet7/16” Magnetize Drive Socket

  10. Bullet15/16” Box Wrench

  11. Bullet9/16 Socket

  12. BulletTool Belt and Bags

  13. BulletTri Square

  14. BulletShovel

  15. Bullet3/8” Drill

  16. Bullet2-50’ Electric Cords

  17. Bullet10” Tin Snips-Right Hand

  18. Bullet10” Tin Snips-Left Hand

  19. Bullet20” Extension Ladder

  20. Bullet4’ Level

  21. BulletPlumb Bob

  22. BulletChalk Box

  23. BulletWarehouse Broom

  24. Bullet7 ¼ Heavy Duty Skill Saw

  25. BulletMetal Blade

  26. BulletEye Goggles

  27. Bullet½ “ Open Wrench

  28. Bullet10” Vice Grip