McKinleyville Low Vision Support Group (The Bumpers)

Losing your eyesight can be a difficult time. It can be helpful to reach out and talk with other people who are also losing their vision. That is what our support group is all about. We jokingly call ourselves “The Bumpers”. Humor is one of the ways we deal with our loss. Join us as we meet and support each other. No cost to attend. Anyone is welcomed to join us. Family and friends of people with vision loss are encouraged to join us.

Not sure if you have vision loss?

If you are having trouble after getting corrective glasses you probably have a vision loss.
Any questions contact me The Bumpers leader Doug rose (707) 839-0588. Or email: Email Doug

When And Where We Meet

McKinleyville Low Vision Support Group “The bumpers” usually we meet the last Monday of the month, 11 a.m. Azalea Hall, 1620 Pickett Road, McKinleyville, call Doug (707) 839-0588 Email Doug Email me to be put on the meeting reminder list.

What Do We Do At Our Meetings?

We discuss troubles we have dealing with low vision. We give each other ideas of solutions for living with vision loss. I invite guess speakers to talk on such topics as preventing falls, reading with talking books, using magnifiers and any other topics that will help us.

Why would I Want To Join?

When you have a vision loss, talking with others who also have your kind of loss is very helpful. Others who don't have a sight loss will not always be able to understand firsthand what you are experiencing. Joining others can be very therapeutic. Besides, we are a caring group of people. Use the following page to find other helpful resources. WE are just one stop on your journey of vision loss.