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Created by parents to help parents, the Parent Advocacy Coalition for Educational Rights connects parents of a child with a disability with resources and other parents.

Articles and information are provided for single dads. The site also includes a forum for dads to discuss relevant issues.

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This website provides articles and news of interest to single dads. They even tell you where to get a diaper bag designed for you.

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You’ll find inspiration and humor as well as articles on legal and practical issue. Did you know there’s a comic strip about single dads?

Need help in the kitchen or love to cook? This website’s for you.

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If you adopted or conceived by choice or are considering doing so, this website has valuable resources.

This outstanding magazine provides extensive lists of resources, including assistive technology, as well as relevant articles for and by parents of a child with a disability.

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Many states have a chapter of this organization that pairs a parent of a child who has a disability with a trained, experienced parent of a child with the same or a similar disability. The experienced parent shares resource information and provides support.

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Single Parent Adoptions

Have you seen this fascinating documentary about Susan Tom, a single mom who adopted 11 children with disabilities? Click the video icon for more information .















The Tom family was also featured on ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, as was , another extraordinary single-parent family, the Turners.

Learn more about the Tom family:



Resources for prospective and adoptive parents of children with special needs.

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Links to information from on a variety of topics, including disability issues.

Link to Encyclopedia of Adoption

All states have at least one parent resource center that provides support to parents of a child with a disability. They can help you with a variety of education and related services for your child. They can also help you resolve school-related issues.

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Do you need a break? Many organizations provide respite care to help parents of a child with a disability find an occasional opportunity to catch their breath. This website helps you locate respite services in your area.

Welcome to

This international organization might have a local chapter, providing you and your children with social opportunities. In addition, their website provides a variety of resources.

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Do you need a place for your family to live that is accessible for your child with disabilities? This resource might be helpful.

Logo links to National Accessible Apartments

Housing for families with disabilities is also available through the US Department of Housing and Urban Development.

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This website provides vital information from the US government on a variety of topics, including education, benefits, transportation, etc..

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Find funding resources to provide your child with assistive technology.

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The “Funding Assistive Technology” link is a page from; however, they also offer resources on a broad range of topics.

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The song For Baby, which is used with permission of Cherry Lane Music, was written by  John Denver and is performed by Sarah Strigler and Fran Friedman.





Click here to read the lyrics.

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Enjoy this site with your children. Links are provided that specifically address the needs and concerns of children and teens with disabilities and their siblings.

Learn about specific disabilities, best practices, No Child Left Behind (NCLB), and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEA).

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The world’s largest organization serving individuals with exceptionalities, CEC is an international leader in advocacy and support services.

This online magazine features articles, from success stories to horror stories, for parents of children with disabilities. Look for tips, a bulletin board, even a marketplace.


Logo links to Council for Exceptional ChildrenLogo links to Special Child OnlineLogo links to Dentistry for Kids with Special Needs

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry answers your questions.

The US Department of Education provides numerous links to assist parents on

Logo links to's My Child with Special Needs






Infant, Toddler,

or Preschooler?


Do you wonder if your child has special needs? This article by Dr. Stanley Greenspan might help.



Has your child recently been diagnosed with a disability?



What rights do you have as a parent?



Is your baby, toddler, or preschooler eligible for services?



What’s an IFSP and why does your family need one?



What service changes happen when your child turns 3?











This site includes numerous links related specifically to health concerns for children with disabilities.

Logo links to Child with Special Needs’s Parenting a Special Child website discusses ways you can include your child in worship services.

Logo links to's Worship with the Child with Special Needs

Find a camp to help your child make friends, gain confidence, and learn independence.

Logo links to Kids Health's Find a Camp

The Child Welfare Information Gateway provides helpful articles.

Logo links to National Adoption Information Clearinghouse FAQs

Find articles about the inclusion of individuals with disabilities in various faiths, as well as some inspiring stories about families who made a difference.

These excellent links will help you plan for your child’s transition to adulthood.

Logo links to The Pediatric Network's Transition page

Discover resources for traveling with a child or adult who has a disability.

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Medical Services?


Do you need to find a pediatric specialist

for your child?

The American Academy of Pediatrics can help.



Mental Health Services?


Find a psychiatrist through the American Psychiatric Association.




Find a mental health counselor through the American Mental Health Counselor’s Association.



Other Resources

Cute smiling toddler girlPediatrician examines infant

Have Fun with Your Kids!






Freedom Bikes


Accessible treehouses


Accessible playground equipment


Existing accessible playgrounds


Inside play


Accessible table games (article includes links to companies)


Accessible online and software games


Adaptive Physical Education Newsletter (great stuff on health and exercise)








a single parent whose son Andrew has a pervasive developmental disorder, has started a caring Yahoo support group.

To join:

Click hereClick hereClick hereClick hereClick hereClick hereClick hereClick hereClick hereClick hereSunSunSunSunSunSun

Focusing on social inclusion, the site lists information on job support, assistive technology, accessibility issues, housing, even emergency preparedness.


Single Mom

Are you concerned about raising a boy alone? This resource might help.

Single Dad

Need to  discuss puberty with your daughter? Let the “superdad of superdads” help!

Click here

Child with Cancer

PBS produced a documentary called A Lion in the House about families with a child who has cancer. Marietha Woods, a single parent, is featured with her adolescent son Tim.

Learn more about Marietha:

















Also, find helpful links for caregiver issues:

Click here

Dads and

Kids with AD/HD


Fathers tell the stories of their families.

Single Parent of a Child with a Disability

Logo links to Single Mothers on a MissionLogo links to Single RoseLogo links to Through the Looking GlassLogo links to Beach Center on Disability

True Grit


Some wonderful single parents of children with  disabilities participated in my dissertation research. They inspired me with their fortitude, humor, and resourcefulness.

I believe those of you who fall into this category are seriously neglected in terms of support services. Often, by necessity, you live in survival mode and have difficulty thinking beyond today. Perhaps it will help to know that there are people who care. I decided to gather a few resources for you in one place on this website to make your search for support a little easier. I hope it’s useful.

                          — Marilyn




This website provides helpful articles and support information for single moms. Also included is a Mom to Mom Message Board.

Single moms find useful articles on a wide range of topics as well as chats and message boards. Membership is free.

Located at the University of Kansas, the Beach Center provides cutting-edge research on families with a member who has a disability.

An organization that provides support to families with a child, parent, or grandparent with a disability.

MOMS provides support for single mothers, dads, widows, widowers, and grandparents.

Social Security



Your family might qualify for Social Security benefits because of your child’s disability.

Click the logo to learn the regulations and how to apply.

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