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Hi! I’m Dr. Marilyn Shank.

I’ve taught general and special education at the elementary, high school, and university levels. This site is the place for you if you share any of my interests in the following topics. Click the picture or the text for information and links. Enjoy!

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Universal Design for Learning .

Positive Behavior Support (under construction).

Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (A.D.D. and A.D.H.D.) .

Learning Disabilities .

The Therapeutic Role of Animals .

Single Parent of a Child with a Disability .

Writing for Children and Teens (under construction).

West Virginia (under construction) .


What Is Universal Design for Learning (UDL)?

Universal Design for Learning (U.D.L.) occurs when teachers provide curricula and instruction that address the needs of all students, regardless of learning, physical, or behavioral challenges.


Here’s an Idea!

Why don’t we require politicians to pass a standardized test to assure that they meet minimum competency standards in written and oral communication, history, civics, law, ethical practice, business, problem solving, finance, psychology, collaboration, and cultural anthropology? Surely they will agree to do so. If they require children and teachers to pass competency exams, shouldn’t they be charged with the same task?





So Many Ways to Be Smart

Song: The homepage plays a clip of the song “So Many Ways to Be Smart,” which is used with permission. The song is written by Stuart Stotts and is performed by Fran FriedmanClick here to read the lyrics.


Contact Information and Notes

To Contact Me: drshankwebsite@suddenlink.net


Note:  I make no guarantees for any individual or group about the benefits or lack of harm of any organization or products listed here. My purpose is to provide them for you to explore and make personal decisions about their applicability to your situation.

Disclaimer: Although these organizations and individuals have given me permission to link to their websites, their permission does not imply that they necessarily agree with or endorse other organizations, products, or content on this webpage. We all agree, however, that animals can play an important healing role in people’s lives.

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Amber Alert


The web pages scroll an Amber Alert that asks readers to help find missing children. Click this web address to go to the Amber alert homepage: http://www.amberalert.org . You can sign up to receive e-mail alerts.


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